HIDDN – Exclusive Interview With The Belgian Newcomer

Coming from a musical background, including a Father who has been a composer for over 40 years, Belgian HIDDN has always been around music, and began writing his own melodies from a young age. Throughout his time studying musical theory, his main strengths were composition and musical improvisation, giving him the ability to let his inspiration run free when playing any instruments, something HIDDN has taken into his production aesthetics. Those that share his craft will tell you that the art of music production has many benefits, borne out of a passion that very few people manage to make a career out of.

However, for the past few years, HIDDN has been writing music behind the curtain, providing tracks for several of the DJ Mag Top 100's artists, a number of which have placed in the upper echelons of Beatport's charts. After hearing his own music performed at , HIDDN realized his desire to share his own music with people, and so HIDDN was formed to allow him to be at the forefront and no longer in the shadows. Viralbpm sat down with him to discuss his influences, debut album on Armada, latest track on Musical Freedom and expectations in 2018.

V1. You had recently a massive release with called “Shadow”. How was the creative process of the song and how was the studio time with RIVERO?

HIDDN: Years ago I was mainly working on club/festival songs. However most of my first releases were radios tracks with Armada. But as a DJ I think it's important to be able to play your tracks in front of the crowd. So it was obvious that I would need to start producing club tracks again. Regarding my inspiration for “Shadow” with Rivero, I really love emotional melodies and that was my idea – to have  a mysterious/emotional breakdown combined with an energetic Trap/Bigroom drop.

V2. You signed your debut album with Armada Music, heard your own music being performed on the stages of Tomorrowland and now you had another release on a huge label, with support from heavyweights such as Tiësto. How do you feel about all of this as a whole, not only as an artist, but also as a person?

HIDDN: I'm very happy and I feel blessed for all of this. To get the support of one of the legends like Tiesto and many other Top 100 DJ's is something very special when you are a DJ/producer. As a person it's simply the dream I always wished, which slowly became true day after day.

V3. You are definitely one of the hard-workers out there when it comes to music and you've written great stuff, also for other top DJs. How would you describe the feeling to write music behind the curtains?

HIDDN: For me it was an opportunity to be able to produce for globally known DJs. It helped me also to develop my production skills. I always enjoyed a lot to produce music behind the curtains because beyond everything I'm a musician who simply enjoys making music in the studio .

V4. HIDDN how did you start recording your own tracks? From what we know, the whole process started at a pretty young age, right?

HIDDN: I started music at a very young age. I went to music academy and I started playing some instruments at this time. I never planned to be a producer when I was young, but I was 100% sure that I would make music for the rest of my life. Almost 10 years ago I met a guy who was a producer in my hometown, Brussels. We became friends and after a while, he installed the DAW (now Cubase), and I was like a child in front of the best ever video game. The magic happened that day and I knew, from then, I would become a Producer.

V5. What should we expect from you in 2018? Not only regarding new releases, but also tour wise.

HIDDN: I will release my first solo EP called “out of the shadows” with Armada Music. There will be 5 lyrics radio tracks in the EP. I am also working on 3-4 collabs and some of them will be club tracks. On the other hand, I ‘m planning to come back for a second Asia Tour in the coming months and I already have a few big festivals in Europe confirmed. I would say that 2018 is already very busy for me.

V6. If we recall it right, your father was also a composer and he has been active for over 40 years! How did he see and hear your very own music and style?

HIDDN: Yes indeed! My father has been a composer and musician for 40 years, doing more traditional Classic music. However he is very proud of me and supports me a lot in my projects. I grew up in a musical environment and that helped me a lot for composing and producing songs.

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