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ODESZA – A Moment Apart (Click Me)

It’s good to see ODESZA receiving the praise, critically acclaim and (finally) moving towards an impressive commercial success. It might sound like a cliché, but “A Moment Apart” was definitely the duo's most ambitious work to date and every time you listen to their most recent project, you get the impression that both members complement each other. This album will give you a real autumn feel while listening to each track over and over again. The pretty melodic feel inside of some lovely chillwave beats is something these guys have already introduced to a wider audience since day one. What was different in this album compared to their previous LPs? Well, they are just doing everything a lot… better! Generally speaking, the songs a lot more depth. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are using more organic instrumentation, better vocal chops and a lot more guest features: Leon Bridges, R XY, Regina Spektor and a lot more other artists have invested in this album a big chunk of their own skills in order to create something special. Listening to “A Moment Apart” makes you feel like ODESZA have reached their personal “high score” when it comes to this type of music. Some might say that they might have to switch up their style a little bit for their next album, so they won’t sound too repetitive. On the other hand, when you have tracks like “Late Night”, “Corners of the Earth” and “Line of Sight” you just lay back and enjoy some beautiful indietronica, without worrying about their next full-length LP and what might happen in the future.