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Gabriel & Dresden – The Only Road (Click Me)

First album in 11 years, Kickstarter fundraising and a final release via Anjunabeats: the story behind “The Only Road” is incredible and it feels really great to see Gabriel & Dresden returning with such a good and well-thought album from start to finish. It’s one of these times where a sentence like “this LP feels like a musical journey” means something more than a typical quote used in written reviews as simple text fillers. Tribal bassliness, raw and chunky grooves and beautiful melodies are synthesizing a truly unique feeling that outlines Gabriel & Dresden’s huge experience when it comes to deep and emotional productions. Artists like Sub Teal and Jan Burton did an awesome job into supporting the whole project with their vocals and without them, songs like “Only Road” and “Underwater” would be half as good. Listeners and fans of the duo might feel even more nostalgic, with a strong feeling of melancholy wrapping everything up, but that’s only normal. Gabriel & Dresden wanted to express exactly these type of feelings with their productions and after every listen, the album keeps growing. People who believed in this and helped to raise almost $73,000 dollars via Kickstarter will be more than happy with the final outcome. If we want to be honest with ourselves, the whole electronic fanbase should embrace this project, because it’s definitely one of the best albums out there and because we definitely need more romantic success stories like “The Only Road”.