TARSO – Exclusive Interview With The Mexican Talent

Even though his country is not famous for its electronic music production, Tarso is meant to be one the most promising exports of Mexico. Bound to become a name to watch in the near future, he has been delivering a number of dance floor friendly house anthems to the masses via 2-Dutch Music Group and Spectrum Recordings. Fresh off his latest offering titled “Warrior” on NOXU Recordings, Viralbpm caught up with Tarso to discuss his early sources for music inspiration, which DJ he'd dream of collaborating, as well as the status quo of electronic dance music scene in Estados Unidos Mexicanos

V1. Tarso how has 2017 treated you? Are you satisfied with your music activity last year?

Tarso: Really good thank god! Yes, I've had the chance of being a part of different awesome labels around the world and meeting a lot of great producers. So you could say it went well and 2017 was a good year. I'm also really thankful for the opportunity that has NOXU given me of being the one in charge of NOXU Radio. It's such a pleasure to combine the most awesome tracks of the month and make a mix. Not to mention that the people at NOXU just give me creative freedom to do what I want. That's something that we're in need of in this industry!

V2. You are about to release your first release of 2018 on NOXU Recordings. What should we expect to hear from you? Would you mind sharing with some more information about your upcoming production?

Tarso: I'm really proud and excited of this track because is full of energy and emotions, which I think that's the most important thing in a song. I've got lots of music productions planned for 2018. My style is evolving, as I'm learning more each day from all these producers surrounding me. Starting the year with “Warrior” on NOXU Recordings marks a good start!

V3. Your previous collab with D. Polo on Spectrum Recordings, titled “Savanna“, was featured as the anthem of Guanajuato Bike Fest for 2017. How do you feel about that?

Tarso: I am really fortunate, because the Bikefest is a huge event here in Guanajuato and Mexico… and knowing that they picked SAVANNA as the anthem, it was just mind-blowing. It just makes me really happy and proud as well.

V4. You are also curating NOXU Radio Episodes with the most upfront tracks monthly. Which are your favorite producers and tunes for the time being?

Tarso: I like many, but my idols are , Tom Staar, Axwell, Steve Angello & . But my favorite tune (thats a hard one)? I will go with “Totem” by & Tom Staar! I love the energy, the groove and the emotions in the break. But well it's a vert hard question and difficult to be answered.

V5. You are from Mexico; How's the electronic dance music scene in your country nowadays?

Tarso: There area lot of EDM fans and producers making awesome music. Sadly you don't really hear that much of them but I can assure you EDM is alive and kicking over here! But Mexico needs more groove. That's my goal… to bring the groove to Mexico and of course the rest of the world. In my country we like to dance and listen to latin and Spanish music and it's where the love of house music and groove all just started!

V6. Any other up-and-coming talents we should keep an eye on, according to your opinion?

Tarso: I like the work of “Crox”. He is young and he is making good music! You should check him out!

V7. You are inspired by respected music figures, such as Axwell, Steve Angello, Kryder and Tom Staar? With whom would you like to join forces to achieve your “dream come true” collaboration and how would you imagine the outcome?

Tarso: WOW, I would love to work with Tom Staar. His productions are impeccable!! The outcome would be AWESOME I think!

V8. What's your plans for 2018 and what do you wish for this new year?

Tarso: Make more music, improve myself and having fun along the way 🙂

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