Release Records reveal ‘Soleil’ by Sebjak & David Pietras

Release Records reveal ‘Soleil’ by Sebjak & David Pietras

Third Party‘s imprint Release Records proudly kick off 2018 with a brand new track, titled ‘Soleil’, which is a thundering collaboration between Bibliotheque Records‘ boss, Sebjak, and upcoming talent David Pietras.

Soleil’ is a groovy masterpiece guaranteed to bring back some real house vibes to the floor, as it packs a punch with a tribal progressive sound layered by bass-backed chords. The combination of Sebjak and David Pietras gave life to a mix of deep and techy sounds typical of the two Swedish producers.

Soleil’ features an incredible groovy background made by percussion that set the rhythm. Uplifting synth and low strings make up the break which rapidly increases the power off the track bringing the listener to an explosion of energy on the drop.

Having previously teamed up with the likes of Will KSebjak -who has also released “Look At Me” on his own label- has carved a reputation as one of dance music’s most exciting producers on the rise last year through his own label, with David Pietras the subject of critical acclaim in 2017 for his eclectic ‘Dreams‘ EP on Code Red, apart from his other offerings in BMD Ψ FRIENDS / SlashScore and Bibliothèque Records.

To close with, progressive house duo  is working on a new album for 2018, which will follow their highly-acclaimed album ‘HOPE on last year.

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