PESSTO – Exclusive Interview With The Serbian Talent

Since discovered by Fonk Recordings' boss, Dutch superstar Dannic, Pessto has aligned himself with some of the most prolific up-and-coming talents that have busted onto the international electronic dance music scene in recent years. Hailing from Surdulica, Serbia, Pessto has delivered some furious energetic electro tracks, such as ‘Vision', ‘Camaro', ‘Ardor', ‘Manasseh' and “Masego” on various labels, garnering the support of Hardwell, Afrojack, , Blasterjaxx, , , Sick Individuals and a vast amount of other major tastemakers. With his reputation for both consistently strong output and the diverse stable of undiscovered producers growing, Viralbpm sat down with Pessto to discuss about his latest collab with Dannic, titled “All The Things”, with which the Serbian talent set the high bars for the beginning of 2018 and the rest of the new year.

V1. You're back on Fonk Recordings with “All The Things”, which is not just another regular release, but a collab with the label's boss, Dannic himself. What it feels like to team up with the man that discovered you?

Pessto: I always like to repeat how amazing is the fact that few years ago I started making music because of Daan and now I have a track with the legend himself. It's dream come true to me. “All The Things” is perfect balance between our styles and it was really fun to work on it with Dannic. This showed me that you can really do anything if you work hard enough for it.

V2. It seems that you are among Dannic's favorite producers, as “All The Things” which is part of Fonk's “Christmas EP”, accompanied by tracks from Loax, , and David Stellar, follows your previous contribution to this year's “The Fonk ADE EP“. How do you feel about that? Should we expect more releases from this label on 2018? 

Pessto: He is a really supportive guy, his advices help me a lot. During ADE 2017 I was part of Dannic music production masterclass, where I showed how I made “Masego“. It was such an amazing experience. So far I released 4 tracks with Fonk Recordings and It's a big honor to be part of the family, which includes a lot of amazing artists. Definitely you can expect more releases there in 2018, as I have some working titles that I think will fit Fonk 100%!

V3. You're a young but accomplished producer for that age of yours. In just a couple of years you have singed tracks on major labels, such as Kid Coconut, Flamingo, Fonk and Protocol. Which other labels would you be also interested in signing your music?

Pessto: When I was younger I was always hoping to sign to those labels one day. I'm really proud of every single track I have released so far. Hmm nowadays it's really hard to fit the track to a label. You never know what are labels looking for at the moment, as music is evolving from day to day. Labels are experimenting a lot with their releases. However, I would definitely love to release on Axtone and Spinnin' in the future.

V4. PESSTO you're from Serbia; How's the electronic dance music scene in your country nowadays?

Pessto: Serbia has a lot of potential! It's not that popular here at the moment, but every new season I can see some new festivals and more clubs that are interested in electronic dance music. It's up to me and my colleagues to bring the scene here and I can truly say that it's getting better, I'm happy to be part of the movement. The crowd is amazing here, I can't wait to see more people in it!

V5. Any other up-and-coming talents we should keep an eye on, according to your opinion?

Pessto: Everyday I'm getting a lot of demos on my email  and I can really see will and persistence in some guys, step by step they are getting there. I must mention my fellow producers , , Divolly & Markward, We AM, Vion Konger and LoaX. They are doing an amazing job in the studio – keep an eye on them!

V6. What should we expect next from you in the future? Any upcoming collabs we should know about?

Pessto: You can expect tons of new music in 2018, a lot of great projects are in the works. I'll just go with the flow and try to bring Pessto style out there. There are some great collaborations with Galoski, Dirty Ducks and Vion Konger, keep your eyes peeled!

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