KO:YU and Sylvain Armand Remix “Is That For Me” by Alesso & Anitta [Warner Music]

The latest record titles of Alesso had been quite disparaged by his fans for his turn to Pop music. ‘Is That For Me‘ with Anitta was one of them, and as often with Pop releases, remixes are expected to fully enhance the potential of the title.

After an interesting remix of 3Lau last month, it’s the one of KO:YU that shouldn’t go without a notice.

Without revolutionizing the original, KO:YU is giving back a little pep for those who found the title indifferent by accelerating the tempo and enhancing the whole track with a real beat, a little more impacting.

You will also find in this remix pack out via Warner Music Group, another remix of French Sylvain Armand, quite qualitative.

We’ll let you discover it below or stream/buy it here.

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