Electrick Village

Electrick Village – Exclusive Interview With The Talented Danish Duo

Electrick Village are fast becoming a truly internationally renowned electronic duo. In just a few years’ time they have not only established an impressive musical portfolio with a variety of genres, but they has also received massive support from some of the industry’s most prominent names, such as Erick Morillo, Benny Bennasi, Promise Land and Third Party. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Electrick Village was formed relatively recently in the summer of 2013 and within some months they managed to sign their first official release “Maul” on disco:wax label.

Since then, the two talents, also known as Jonas & Marinus, seek to always be curious and dynamic with their productions. Viralbpm sat down with the guys to discuss their brand new ID tracks featured on “IDs Only” latest episode by Groove Cartel, Stellar IDs and Soul’s House and talk about up-and-coming talents of 2018. Listen to their guest mix and read our exclusive interview below.

V1. How has 2017 treated Electrick Village?

Electrick Village: 2017 has been the best year so far. We had our first tour in Asia and headlined “Club Mass” in Seoul, South Korea. Moreover, we also played in Crete and some of the biggest festivals in Denmark. We have received massive support from EDM-superstars like: Axwell, Martin Garrix, Blasterjaxx, Kryder, Fedde Le Grand, Dannic. This summer we released a mashup-pack that a lot of DJ’s around the world have picked up. This was also the year we signed a major deal with Sweden where we are exploring a more commercial side of Electrick Village. 2017 couldn’t have been much better for us and we are so excited for 2018!

V2. You’ve recently revealed on your guest mix for “IDs Only by Groove Cartel x Stellar IDs x Soul’s House” two new upcoming tracks and four new collabs with Lumberjack, Mr. Sid, Spyker and Rick Derra. Tell us more about these working titles: Which of them are signed or when should we expect their release dates?

Electrick Village: As you can tell from these ID’s we have a lot of music to be released in 2018. One of them has been signed to Jude & Franks new label called “Revuelta” which we are very excited about. The collab with Mr. Sid accidentally got leaked and suddenly got picked up by a lot of artists in the groove scene. It is currently signed but we can’t tell much. One of the other tracks is still a WiP and is signed to a major Dutch label.

V3. Any interesting stories behind the collabs mentioned previously?

Electrick Village: The collab with Mr. Sid has been done for almost a year now. Mr. Sid sent us a demo and we loved the vibe, so we started working on the track. He loved our groove on our previous tracks so we implemented that. We actually finished the whole track in like a month but the vocals on the track had to be cleared due to copyrights issues. We reached out to the label in Africa that owned the copyrights and they LOVED the new vibes we have given the vocals so they did grant us the rights to use the vocals and after that it got signed pretty quickly!

V4. Your latest single “Let It Go” featuring Clara Sofie it’s a more radio-friendly track compared to your upcoming releases. Are you experimenting on new styles/genres?

Electrick Village: Yeah, it’s a lot more radio-friendly. When we are in the studio it’s all about emotions and different vibes. Sometimes we actually catch a more commercial vibe (especially on sundays after a jam-packed weekend!) and we love to just flow with whatever comes to our minds. We never go to the studio to force a specific genre, mood or something like that. Lately, we have been doing a lot of groove/tribal stuff. We are experimenting with a lot of different genres at the moment.

V5. Could you name any other up-and-coming talents we should keep an eye on from your country, Denmark?

Electrick Village: Denmark is booming with upcoming talent at the moment so we could actually name a lot! New Northern, More Plastic, Spyker, ANX, Boye & Sigvardt, Sebastian Wibe, Owkey, Dark Polka. Different genres but packed with talented people. As mentioned we are experiencing with a lot of different genres for 2018, so you might see some of these names in combination with us in the near future.

V6. What should we expect next from you in 2018?

Electrick Village: A lot of experimentation. A lot more releases. A lot of different genres. A whole new side of us actually.

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