Bibliothèque Records embarks on 2018 with Sebjak’s “Look At Me” feat. Superwalkers

Generally recognized as one of the most successful labels of 2017, Bibliothèque Records looks already set to dominate this upcoming year embarking on 2018 with a track made by its boss, Sebjak. Having entered into this year in a big style with highly anticipated “My Love“, Sebjak closes 2017 with the preview of his next masterpiece, titled “Look At Me” featuring Superwalkers.

Given the chance here is a small recap, as Bibliothèque released some of the most intriguing titles of 2017.  have previously released Sebjak‘s masterpiece ‘Yeah‘, the triple collab, titled “Bring Back To Life“ by Tony Calrya & Killmod3 and ‘La Saforada‘ by Spanish talent Crusy. Additionally, one of Sebjak's 2017 collabs was with Tom Taped, titled ‘To Have & To Hold‘, following the label's releases ‘‘, ‘My Love' and “VIE”, which were also great titles, embraced by his new more dark and fresh deep sound.

Bibliothèque‘s boss then released “Fellas“, following Wooden Cross & Hugo Cantarra with ‘Republique‘, while the Bibliothèque-family continued to grow its roster with talents, such as the rising Swedish producer and DJ Özgür Can, who released “Fading“, Swedish David Pietras with “Alone“ and Dissonance with “From Dust“. As we moved to the end of the summer season, (Adrien) Rux &  presented Dream On”, which was also edited by Sebjak, and “Last Summer“. Sebjak‘s uprising label keeps on previewing new tracks almost every week, putting Bibliothèque Records in the forefront of the electronic music industry worldwide.

For those who are not familiar with , the Swedish duo took off in early 2010 when they became friends through Stockholms' underground club scene. At first, they just used their different musical backgrounds to compare notes on their current projects, but it wouldn't be long until this turned into full-on collaboration, resulting in their first single “Not Like Us”. Sound-wise Superwalkers remain the way we have come to know them from previous releases. Dramatic yet stylishly modest, melancholic but set to high heeled boots to the floor beat. As always, powered by the duo's passion for vintage synthesisers, and with lyrics conveying a message, sometimes from a global perspective and sometimes based on an everyday occurrence.

Although 2018 hasn't begun yet, “Look At Me” will be definitely one of the highlights of 2018, as Sebjak's upcoming releases are some of the best he has worked to date.

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