Melih Kor

Melih Kor – Signature Code [Excelsior Music]

As known for his very high quality and next level artistic productions, Melih Kor delivers with ‘Signature Code‘ a magnificent piece of art on Excelsior MusicEyes closed and dreaming are highly recommended, as  – Signature Code takes the listener on a Cyberpunk themed journey.

The style of Melih Kor is not applicable in a specific genre. For him is music something beautiful, which has to breath and be free. His highly detailed music has an enchanting, techy, artistic and pumpy touch, just to describe his style in words.

Melih Kor´s ultimate goal is to share his music and art with others and take them on a journey.

I want to share and give something, what I made with heart and passion, to people, who will also love it.” He just started yet and his upcoming career looks very brightly.

Stream/Buy ‘Signature Codehere.

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