Taao Kross

Taao Kross – Exclusive Interview With The Resident Dj Of The World’s Best Club “Pacha Ibiza”

If something defines ’ music is the conscientiousness to details, his powerful sound full of energy along with great melodies. Renowned as the resident DJ in the world’s best club “Pacha Ibiza”, the Spanish artist has proved that not only he performs his job with passion and energy, but also creates and explores new sounds that surprise his fans. To spread his passion, is also running his own radio show called “BINOMIO”, which is broadcasted in the world’s most important radio stations, reaching more than 40.000.000 listeners globally.

Having covered the planet with gigs alongside names, such as David Guetta and Steve Aoki playing testament to the Spanish export’s undeniable DJ talent,  has also signed successful releases on labels, as prestigious as S2 Records, Sirup Group, disco:wax, Garuda and Armada. Viralbpm sat down with him to discuss about future plans, latest tracks and the passion that he transmits to his music, which has made him one of the most well-known Spanish DJs.

V1. You’ve recently released “Untouchable” via disco:wax. Are you satisfied with the final outcome of your latest single?

Taao Kross: I am very happy for everything we have achieved which has been a lot! In Spain we are in the top national and abroad it’s also doing very well.

V2. What should we expect from you in the near future? Is there a song or collaboration you can already talk about? Or maybe just dropping a small hint?

Taao Kross: I’m already working on new music, I’m going to keep creating new sounds and interesting things. The idea is to continue working in the studio a lot and work with the best, soon you will discover everything. There are new sounds, there are great collaborations, there are very good vocalists… a lot of work ahead.

V3. During the last few months you were also really active in Ibiza with some massive residencies and performances at Pacha together with David Guetta. How is the feeling of performing there as a resident? Being a resident DJ for David Guetta’s major Ibiza event must be pretty exciting, right?

Taao Kross: Working in Ibiza my achievements this year have been incredible, more than 30 shows. Doing it in the best club in the world PACHA is like a dream and more being every Thursday with DAVID GUETTA in the cabin. It’s my third year in Ibiza, in Pacha and with David Guetta and I am increasingly excited. I am also very proud to be in Mambo with the pre-party or in Bora Bora with my own party.

V4. Is it hard to combine the process of recording songs and working in the studio, together with travelling to the likes of Parookaville and working on your Ibiza performances?

Taao Kross: It’s all about organisation and preparing well each season. There are many trips, many hotels, many flights, clubs… but organizing everything with time, we can work well. I have performed this year in more than 25 different countries.. imagine.

V5. Taao Kross, what plans do you have for 2018? Also tour wise, obviously.

Taao Kross: Work hard, do many more shows around the world and above all do a lot more music. I want to get into the studio and do a lot of music in the coming months.

V6. What would you suggest to young Djs that are looking up to you when you’re performing at Pacha? Any pro tips available for upcoming talents?

Taao Kross: I always like to say the same thing for this… Effort, sacrifice, passion, enthusiasm, a lot of patience and work work. This way you will get everything you propose.

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