Swanky Tunes

Swanky Tunes – Get Swanky EP [Showland/Armada]

Stacking hits like madmen, ‘Swanky Tunes’ are shifting their output in higher gear, releasing an “‘Get Swanky EP“’ on their own imprint Showland Records / Armada Music.

Including four tracks, the Russian trio team up with Going Deeper, Alexander Popov and Rasster and bring them all on the same awesome EP.

Ever bringing about track that music lovers revel in,  drops four insanely infectious tunes with an equal amount of flavors for those who like their music fresh and diverse.

“‘Get Swanky”’ EP consists of one solo track, titled “Right About Now”and three collaborations, including “Daydreaming” with Going Deeper feat. , “Come Along” with Alexander Popov feat. Matthew Steeper and “Clever” with Rasster feat. Max Landry.

Apart from”Daydreaming“, both hailing from Russia, Swanky Tunes and Going Deeper have already had a taste of the success this new collaboration aims for. Two of their previous collaborations, ‘Till The End' and ‘Far From Home', notched up respectively eight and ten million streams on Spotify alone, earning their rightful spot alongside their best-performing records to date.

Now is the time to “‘Get Swanky EP“’ with Swanky Tunes.  Stream/Buy it here.

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