ManyFew – Exclusive Interview With The Up And Coming Swedish Duo


Swedish ManyFew are two of the industry’s promising artists. The Stockholm based duo of Jacob and Victor Andersson begun to make a name for themselves after a series of impressive releases and remixes, including their collaborative track “Don’t Miss You” alongside Otto Orlandi on O2 Music, which has over 2.2M plays on Spotify. ManyFew got into music pretty early. Influenced by the music taste of their parents and relatives, as their uncle was a DJ in Sweden, they started to record music in FL Studios and experimented with Ableton Live a few later. At the same time the talented duo were listening a lot to Steve Angello’s music with whom they decided to contact in order to ask him for some musical tips. It was when Size Records’ boss suggested they try Logic, which helped them start production and mixing. At the same time they were studying at Stockholm University, where Victor learned psychology and economics and Jacob completed a Master of Science in Business and Economics. Viralbpm sat down with ManyFew and talked about their musical background, future plans and latest releases, including “Feel Good“ single feat. the vocals of United Kingdom based singer Twiggy.

V1. How would you describe your sound?

ManyFew: We like different types of music and we love to experiment with different sounds. We have always listened to old-school disco and funky records so almost every production we make tends to be a bit funk oriented . For us producing is like painting, we chose different colors/sounds and blend them in together to get a nice sounding picture. Our sound is a mix of pop/dance music and has an uplifting feeling.

V2. Recently we heard your excellent track “Feel Good” featuring Twiggy. How was the creative process of this track?

ManyFew: We came up with the idea on a Sunday afternoon after being out shopping. We had a vision about doing a pop funk record with a vocal pitch sound in the chorus. We got in touch with our friend Lauren who’s a brilliant singer and asked her if she would like to write a top line for our idea. At that time we only had a 30 sec snippet. She wrote the first verse within an hour and we loved it, a couple of hours later we finished the full record.

V3. Any other song or collaboration you are currently working on and you would like to reveal to us?

ManyFew: Well, We have some really exciting stuff we’re working on. We’d love to share but it’s still a bit of a secret. We love spending time in the studio and have a lot of things going on. We have some really cool collaborations coming up with very talented singers. Right now we’re working on a melodic pop song with a more club feel. Can’t wait to show you so keep an eye out!

V4. Based in Stockholm, how is the landscape of Swedish electronic music right now?

ManyFew: The landscape of Swedish electronic music in Stockholm is very inspiring. Many Top DJs, electronic producers and pop producers are living in Stockholm and that creates a good atmosphere and inspires us to work hard. Also the area where we’re living in is very creative with a lot of studios and music schools. Stockholm is a good place to live, produce and create connections and it definitely feels like the electronic music scene is growing here.

V5. Anything particular you like to do when you’re not working on your career as an artist? Any hobby or something else you like to do during your more laidback time?

ManyFew: We love training and especially to run, that gives us new energy and motivation. Also we love to go clubbing and hang out with friends. Listen to music on club systems always gives us good inspiration. We also have a passion for travel & cooking.

V6. Is there any person that helped you out during your first days of recording and starting a career as djs and producers?

ManyFew: Not really, we’re actually self-taught and Internet has always been our main source of information. In our first days of recording we spent a lot of time reading books and we tried nearly all-available online resources. Also we visited one of the biggest music stores in Stockholm on regular basis to get tips about production and useful gears and software. That always kept us up to date. Also our parents have always supported us without being too pushy, and that has helped us a lot.


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