I AM LUCAS – Exclusive Interview With The British Newcomer

Liverpool based producer I am Lucas began perfecting his craft over a decade ago in some of the most sought after venues in the North West. Having won various DJ Competitions within the Liverpool area, the aspiring British talent has earned the respect of the underground scene by created his own feel good chunky tech house vibe that fits perfectly within the current boom of tech house on dance floors worldwide.

From his early success in 2015 with his track ‘Let You Go’ on Yoonek Records UK and his several releases on ’s critically acclaimed label to his bebut on Armada’s sub-label with ‘Set My Body Free’ and ‘Paradox Remode’ in 2017, I am Lucas has been working hard in the studio continually evolving his craft for the next stage of his career. Viralbpm sat down with this young artist to discuss about his musical path, favorite producers and future plans in 2018 and beyond!

V1. Where are you currently at? On what are you currently working on?

I Am Lucas: Where i am currently at with music producing is that I’m finally starting to hit my strides in terms of productions & also running with my own creativity of mind state, this year i set out goals and those goals are being executed to perfection, i will certainly be ending this year out on such a high.

V2. How did you decide to follow a career as a Dj and producer?

I Am Lucas: I really decided to take up the musical path of dj’ing before Ι entered the frame of producing, it was around the age of 9 that i really got interested in the music as my tastes grew with the old skool productions being played week in week out on the local radios across my home town Liverpool. Really hit the dj’ing skill off around 13 old when Ι knew it was time to see how the dj’s playing would control the crowd with the selection of music, but the thing that was getting me, it was incredible to see it and watch the reactions from the pleased crowds. I was sold to music right there.

V3. How would you describe your style and sound in general?

I Am Lucas: My sound and style has really changed in the last months, which you can see from my free download ’Set My Body Free’ to my recent release ‘Paradox’ which was released back in September and both with the same label ‘Eclypse Records’, those 2 tracks are completely different but certainly shows that I’m not scared to push my boundaries and drop an odd track out of my studio, my music really sits on the fence of tech house and a hint of techno, but as we all know the genre is massively wide open.

V4. Is there a particular song, album or an artist in general that has influenced the way you see music as an artist?

I Am Lucas: Most definitely there is a lot of artists i really like and would love to collaborate with, but I’m going mention 3 hot producers that are not only fellow scousers but also close friends of mine: Camelphat and Kydus. These guys really set the bar so high for music producers and productions, what they capture in each product is immense and they constantly bring it which is a hard to treat to have.

V5. What tools and programs are you using for your records?

I Am Lucas: When I first started of producing, it was with Acid Pro 5. But that was way back in 2007/08. I never really hit it, until I started putting my mind and soul into the producing in 200. It was when I learned about Cubase 5 and trust me that daw is incredible. It really gives the producer the challenge from scratch. Now, I’m using Logic Pro 9 and all sorts of plugins i.e. Ace, Sylenth, Massive, Nexus and so on. Sometimes, I only use 1 of these plugins or maybe even none. It depends on what I have in front off me.

V6. Is there a friend or family member that was really supportive when you told them that you are working on becoming a producer?

I Am Lucas: Yes most definitely and I’m super proud to call out my family i.e. (Mother, Father, Sisters, Brother & Cousins) plus my close friends they’ve all been there to see my journey ever since i won my first dj competition a few back, you all know who you are, i really feel their love and support through it all.

V7. Is there anything in particular you want to accomplish as an artist?

I Am Lucas: Now that I’m finally starting to hit my stride as a producer I would certainly like to collaborate with a few artists. Of course, I’d like to work with the labels that I’ve got on my wish list. I will also try and create some shows for 2018. I believe that I will get there from sheer hard work, determination and sleepless nights working on my craft. Mostly, I’ll try to keep helping new up coming artists. It is something I really love doing; giving very close details to their music and showing them a path of guidance. Honestly, it is a special feeling.

V8. I AM Lucas, aside from recording and Djing, are there other things that keep your interest during the day? Any hobbies?

I Am Lucas: I really like to keep myself healthy, by eating the right foods, jogging and socialising with friends. It makes me happy seeing my family smile! It is such a rush and pushes me to higher grounds! We have to keep our minds fresh with creativity, new learning processes etc etc. Above all, for me is smiling and letting the people who watch over me know that I’m happy…

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