Takahiro Yoshihira

Takahiro Yoshihira – Exclusive Interview With The Japanese Producer

is a Japanese talent hailing from Tokyo that has been quickly catching the attention of the dance music industry. He began his production journey around the age of 15 and since then he has been venturing further into the world of EDM with releases on various labels, such as Get Down Recordings, Ensis Records, Harmor Records and Pyro Records. With his podcast “Your solution” being well-embraced by listeners worldwide and his tracks garnering the support of , Blasterjaxx, Dannic and Ummet Ozcan, just to name a few, Takahiro Yoshihiro is currently in the middle of a wild ride. Viralbpm took the opportunity and sat down with him for an exclusive interview, where we discussed his stylistic approach to producing music and upcoming goals for his foreseeable future.

V1. Thank you for taking your time for an interview. Where are you currently at?

Takahiro Yoshihira: I live in Japan and I am currently busy working in the studio almost every day and participating at gigs and events.

V2. You're about to release your collab with Francesco Sparacello titled “Vice” on Harmor Records. On what other projects are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us regarding a new release or special collaboration?

Takahiro Yoshihira: There are lots of wonderful solo tracks and collaborations I am working on! A big project with which I've been dealing with since last year has also ended successfully, while I've been creating music with major artists including some big vocal tracks! I have also produced a track with one of the Top Female DJs! Stay tuned, it comes really soon.

V3. How would you describe your style and sound in general?

Takahiro Yoshihira: I would characterize my style as powerful with intense energy and beautiful sounds.

V4. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, how would you describe the landscape of Japanese electronic music nowadays?

Takahiro Yoshihira: It is really getting bette and I am very pleased that even more electronic music producers come out from Japan. Everyone is making great music.

V5. You were included into Dj Mag's Top 10 Wildcard Finalists list. How important is this type of recognition for an artist like you?

Takahiro Yoshihira: Entering Dj Mag's Top 10 Wildcard Finalists was a great achievement that made me really happy. Thanks to this, gigs have increased and I have become even more recognizable by artists, who now support my music. I will try more interesting things from now on, as it is a pleasure to see people around the world remember my name. It is such a big moment for me.

V6. What musical background do you have? How did you start recording your own songs?

Takahiro Yoshihira: My starting point was Trance at the age of fifteen. I was surprised with that genre. Now I'm more into classic House, Tech House, and I'm inspired to hear songs from the 80s!

V7. Is there anything in particular you want to accomplish as an artist?

Takahiro Yoshihira: I want to participate to some big festivals around the globe. Other than that, I would like to make tracks with . Ummet Ozcan and Blasterjaxx. In the future I would also try to enter DJmag Top 100 to show my appreciation to all those fans that support me. Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to all the producers and labels I have collaborated with so far and give much love to the big artists who support me.

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