Rux & Bedmar

Rux & Bedmar – Exclusive Interview With The Promising Spanish Duo

Having delivered two of the most recognizable releases on Sebjak’s label Bibliothèque Records, titled “Last Summer” and “Dream On“, (Adrien) Rux & challenge each other to always do better. Hailing from Granada and Sevilla in Spain respectively, their undeniable chemistry in producing dark and catchy tracks at the same time has led the two talents to leave behind their solo careers and focus on a music project together. Now, the sought-after duo, consisting of Adrian Ruiz Galvez and Francisco  Quero, have signed a new deal with rising North Border Management and are about to release a fresh remix on Marcus Schossows’ imprint Code Red Music. Viralbpm sat down with the rising Spaniards, (Adrien) Rux & Bedmar, to discuss about how they have managed to push their songs to the next level, upcoming music plans and future goals. 

V1. Recently we heard your impressive, dark collabo release with Sebjak, titled “Last Summer”. How do you feel about the Bibliothèque release in general? Are you happy with the final output?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: Well, we’re really happy to be part of this family which has taught a lot of stuff around releases and helped us building the way up, we expect this release to be a heavy one! So after a few months working on this one, we finally felt proud of the final version

V3. Could you describe the creative process behind the track?

Adrien Rux & : started bringing some ideas into the table, and upon that, pretty much everything started looking quite good. Then later on, we thought about including some vocals related with the summer vibe we were working. Sebjak heard the first version of the track, and later on he thought about changing some stuff on the vocals, and also over the break part, adding a lot of dynamic stuff.

V4. How did the collaboration with Sebjak and his rising record label happen?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: We just sent them a demo mail with the dark and catchy idea from ‘Dream On’, Seb really liked the main part of it, but then he decided to give it a switch to the structure and overall percussion, which made it even darker. It ended on what you guys can hear now!

V5. You also received a nice edit from Sebjak back in June for “Dream On”, obviously you must have been working together on more than just one project during the last months, right?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: Yeah, we’ve been working on a few projects lately together, and we’re still working on some 🙂

V6. How would you describe your sound and style in general?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: Dark and catchy at the same time, which we think it’s different from anything else. You could hear our music in a radio or maybe in a club, you never know!

V7. What do you have planned regarding releases and songs for the coming months? Anything you would like (and can) reveal to us at this moment?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: Let’s say it, we’re leaving our solo careers to focus on a duo project together! And to start with, we’ll be releasing a few remixes. Can’t say much about that yet, but you will know more in the next few weeks 😉

V8. What plans do you have regarding touring and live shows for the rest of the year?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: For now, we want to build a community with our project and focus on releases. We have a few interesting things down the line..more on that later.

V9. With a heavy and loaded schedule like yours, do you have enough time to focus on other things aside from music related things?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: We spend nearly all day inside the studio improving our sound . But when we go out, we like to go to the gym, have drinks with friends.. like anyone else

V10. What would you say, are your biggest goals regarding music, producing and performing? Anything particular you would like to achieve in the future?

Adrien Rux & Bedmar: We’ve always liked the idea of doing an event out of nowhere, in a park or a subway, and ask our fanbase to come and enjoy, of course this is so difficult, even more if you’re just starting. Also regarding our music catalog, since we where kids, we’ve been thinking about releasing under labels, such as SIZE or Axtone, that’s been there for a while. Ministry of Sound in London has been one of the venues we’ve dreamt about since we were kids.

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