Styline – Exclusive Interview With The Young German Pioneer

Pioneering his own distinctive Power House Genre, Styline‘s innovative production approach aligns his unique characteristic sound right in-between the mainstream and the underground. Hailing from Munich, Germany, the young artist with the trademark music knows no boundaries, as his tracks are widely being picked up by the most prominent electronic labels, including Spinnin’, Armada, Sosumi and Ministry Of Sound, and many of the biggest artists in the industry. Previewed always in his exciting bi-weekly show Power House Radio, Styline’s signature basslines always get people moving, no matter whether he is showcasing his harder, more driving side or tracks with deeper and techier grooves. Viralbpm sat down with the German pioneer Styline, currently based in Bali, Indonesia, to discuss about his latest releases, upcoming productions and plans for the rest of the year.

V.1 You have just released “Move”, which is your debut on InStereo Recordings. Tell more about this production on DJ Dan’s imprint.

Styline: I think at the moment InStereo puts out the highest quality Funky House music out there. It’s been a label we’ve really been looking forward to releasing on. To be honest to me it’s a bit surprising they went for “Move.” While the track is quite funky, it’s really a more bassline driven track, but coming towards the winter season, I think that’s what makes it a better fit.

V2. Vou had a very nice record released via PinkStar Records, titled “Avocado”. How do you feel about returning to PinkStar?

Styline: I was really happy to return to PinkStar. My first release on the label, “Gotta Go” did great; we were thrilled with the way it was picked up by both artists and fans. Since then I’ve had as a guest on my radio show, Power House Radio, and I’ve grown closer with Davide from Sirup group, so the connection has really strengthened. “Avocado” is a fun summer track to be back on the label with!

V3. Styline, could you describe the creative process behind this release? It features vocals from Jessica Alba and James Corden. How did the collaboration between you and the artists happen?

Styline: Well I’m a big fan of James Gordon and The Late Late Show. I ended up finding this video from the show where they played the Don’t Flinch Game with Jessica Alba and my friends and I couldn’t stop laughing. In the game, guests get seated behind a glass wall, and when Gordon shoots items at them, they’re not supposed to flinch.

In Jessica’s case, when they were trying to decide what to shoot at her, she said, “I’m Mexican, I like Avocados,” and James Cordon replied in his typical accent, “Alright let’s do an Avocado. There we go.” We ended up combining those phrases with another vocal sample we had and when we placed it on the track, it worked out perfectly. The track itself has quite a summer, tribal-ish vibe already which are two things I associate with an avocado anyway, so the vocal has given the track a very nice character!”

V4. Could you describe your sound and your type of productions in a more general manner?

Styline: My signature sound is what I call Power House. Driving, upfront house music that sits right behind the mainstream and underground. It has a strong influence from tech house, but the music keeps its variety and tracks are constantly developing, so every track has its own signature and character.

V5. What would you suggest to new, young talents who want to take their first steps in the music industry. Any “pro tips: available for upcoming artists?

Styline: For DJs – you need to do the ground work first. Find local clubs, pubs, and parties to play! Don’t expect to play for lots of money, be friendly, make connections, do it for the enjoyment of DJing. That’s what a DJ stands for, to deliver a good time. Remember you are just one of many, don’t let your ego get in the way. Production wise – Practice is key, much like DJing of course. Keep going with your productions. They won’t sound good at the beginning, but keep comparing your music to reference tracks and you will get there. Watch as many tutorials as you can for free on places like YouTube. Keep in mind that producing is a leaning by doing discovery process that takes time. Keep pushing, you can’t quit when you’re frustrated, and remember to have fun and enjoy each moment along the way.

V6. Any other song or collaboration you are currently working on and you could already talk about?

Styline: Yes, I’ve been really busy in the studio over the past month! I have finished a lot of new tracks. A big one on my mind is a collaboration with Jude & Frank and called “Pina Colada.” I’ve also finished a second collaboration with Mojavee and then some more tech-y solo tracks. Make sure you’re following my radio show Power House Radio, I premiere one brand new track each episode!

V7. You are currently based in Bali, Indonesia. How is life there? How would you describe the local electronic scene and fanbase in this particular area?

Styline: Life here is good. Good weather, I’ve built my studio here in our villa, we have a gym right next door, great food, things are very affordable, what’s not to like!? I definitely miss it when I’m not here for a long time. The electronic scene is interesting and going through a similar transition to a lot of party places where big room and edm is taking a step back and tech house and underground is on the rise. For me, that’s great. The taste and education in electronic music is getting better and people are more open to more sounds, whereas things were previously completely dominated by mainstream edm.

V8. What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

Styline: Later this month I have a big Europe trip planned, where I’ll visit my family in Germany and stop by Oktoberfest in Munich, as well take in some closing parties in Ibiza. Shortly after that it will be on to Amsterdam for ADE! You can catch me there playing at The Groove Mobb event Wednesday night with more shows to be announced!

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