JENGI – Exclusive Interview With The Young Dutch Producer

Dutch Jengi has been steadily building a name for himself since he dropped his first single ‘Bruh' back in 2014 and his collab with Kav Aznavour ‘Do This Together' on a year later, recking over 4 million streams! Now the 21 year old producer and DJ, who's real name is Jan Berendsen, shows a new and mature side with clear jazz influences and future house beats by releasing “Sprinkles EP” on TheSoundYouNeed. Being known for his harmonic sounds and house orientated club records like ‘High' and ‘Without You', the artist is taking a turn and showing a more indie sound with this mini album. While Jengi sets to the release by playing international showcases in Paris, London and Amsterdam later this month, in the meantime Viralbpm talked with him about “Sprinkles EP” creation and his future steps.

V1. Jengi congrats for the release of your second EP ‘Sprinkles'! How do you feel about it? Is there any special story behind its creation?

Jengi: Thank you! I'm really glad about this release, this EP shows the origin of Jengi; how I started a few ago. Sprinkles EP is different compared to other stuff that I've dropped a few months ago. As a producer I think it's important to try something new and explore other sounds.

V2. From where did you draw the inspiration for ‘Sprinkles' EP? Which would you choose as your favorite track between the four?

Jengi: That's a weird story. It wasn't my plan to use the songs Know You and Sprinkles for my EP.
Those 2 tunes were actually made for a commercial but that went to a no deal, so I ended up with 2 fresh songs and I thought I had to do something with that, it was too good to let it down. My favorite song of Sprinkles EP is Sprinkles, that one shows the best of Jengi.

V3. You are fond of funky vocal cuts and nifty house beats. Could you describe your sound and your type of productions in a more general manner?

Jengi: Pretty happy music, it's not sad or dark, my tunes always have a warm sounds with chords/pads. Mostly it's funky and smooth, but Sprinkles EP is more experimental I guess. I think I'll never create raw music with lots of bass or sharp synthesizers because I can't and I'm not that person. I'm modest and mellow just like my songs.

V4. As you are only 21 years old, what would you suggest to new, young talents who want to take their first steps in the music industry. Any “pro tips: available for upcoming artists?

Jengi: I'm learning a lot in the music industry every day and I'm just a rookie, but I can give some advise to other new musicians. Go figure out your own sounds/tricks and let you specialize in it. You can create your own brand if you have your special sound. The basics are important of course but it's really fun to make music if you don't follow the “rules”. Use social media like or Spotify to release your own stuff. Following the hype if you don't feel comfortable with it is not a good step. Money isn't priority number 1 and hypes will eventually disappear. Long term succes is the most important thing if you want to exercise your passion for life, so be patient and assume that it will take lots of practicing and studio time.

V5. You will be performing on several TheSoundYouNeed showcases around the globe. Are there any other news you would like to share about your future plans?

Jengi: I feel very thankful to join TSYN events at first! Some other exciting news is that I'll play in Asia and England as well and I've figured out how I want to brand Jengi in the future.

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