De Marktkantine Club announce ADE 2017 Program

Amsterdam's historic and influential De Marktkantine Club has announced a mouthwatering program of events for this year's ADE. There will be four carefully considered parties in all, starting on the 18th October and running until the 22nd, with heavyweights like Pan Pot, Nick Curly, Nathan Fake, John Talabot, Genius of Time, DJ Harvey and all set to play.

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The venue for all this is De Marktkantine Club. It has been a hotbed of exciting cultural activity, music, theatre, food and for many years. First built in 1936, it was restructured in 1950 as a theatre but in the nineties became a legendary club that played a key role in establishing the city as one of the most exciting scenes in Europe.

After being empty for a while, hence it was revived in 2014 yet retains its sense of history. The place is adorned with work by local painter and offers 3000 square foot of dance areas

and specially designed stages for 1500 people. Furthermore, a smaller room holds 500 people and the whole place will be transformed with a world-renowned Pure Groove Sound system that boasts incredible horn technology and is designed by Tom Danley, former director of Electroacoustic research at NASA. As well this, high spec lights and lasers will be added that will make the whole experience truly immersive, spine tingling and musically memorable.

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The line-ups themselves are also some of the best you will find at this year's ADE. They all kick off on the 18th, with techno titans Pan Pot playing with Trust boss Nick Curly. As well as that, one of the most exciting export products Belgium has to offer these days is Amelie Lens, and she plays with Joey Daniel, Michael Klein, Wigbert and BEC.

On the 20th, Domino's electronic pioneer and soundtrack composer Jon Hopkins performs a special

DJ set, with experimental Warp artist Clark playing one of his blistering live sets. The Mesh label founder and always cerebral Max Cooper also lines up, with a live show from revered Border Community veteran Nathan Fake. Ectotherm label boss and Danish techno, rave and electro spinner Courtesy, plus Fachwerk dub techno don Roman Lindau and Terr, JoeFarr, Beckett b2b Black Amiga all join in for a night of unparalleled techno goodness.

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In addition to this, on the 21st, Spanish artist and Hivern Discs chief John Talabot plays three sets in one night. Furthermore, a solo set in the main room and second room, then a back to back special with DJ Dustin. At the same party, much loved and dreamy house duo Genius of Time play live, and Australia's Let's Play House star Fantastic Man and Khidja, dark disco lovers Black Merlin and Alicia Carrera all get in on the fun.

Last of all, the 22nd sees the legendary character and cult figure of DJ Harvey play a special set. He is the resident, surfer dude, and rock star like DJ renegade who whips crowds into a frenzy with his fearless mix of all sounds from all eras.

Line up:

18/10 – Pan-Pot , Nick Curly, Amelie Lens, Joey Daniel, Michael Klein, Wigbert, BEC

20/10 – Jon Hopkins, Clark – live, Max Cooper, Nathan Fake – live, Courtesy, Roman Lindau, Terr, Joefarr, Beckett b2b Black Amiga

21/10 – John Talabot, DJ Dustin, Genius of Time Live, Fantastic Man, Khidja, Black merlin, Alicia Carrera

22/10 – DJ Harvey

Ticket links:

18/10 –

20/10 –

21/10 –

22/10 –

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