Gold/Shade – Exclusive Interview With The Up And Coming Dutch Producer

Dutch Producer and DJ has been steadily building a name for himself since he dropped his first single ‘My Muse’ earlier this year. Especially on Spotify people really embraced him, his love for tacky jewelry and his amazing brand of music. Charting high on streaming lists around the globe with singles like ‘Little Lies’ and ‘Lighthouse‘, he’s now releasing his debut album ‘Halcyon’ on PowerHouseMusic with fourteen tracks. Under the alias of Gold/Shade, the Amsterdam-based producer Fritz Nijman creates atmospheric electronic music influenced by hip hop, trap and house.

His love for music started at his first part-time job. Not as local dj. No, he was the bartender in a small hip hop bar, looking at the local dj. But seeing those all-vinyl sets being played, triggered him to swiftly swap Pina Coladas for Pioneers. Shortly after, he began experimenting with beats and electronic production. Creating mostly hip hop and baile funk beats. But he couldn’t rap to save his life and didn’t live anywhere remotely close to Rio, so he also started looking for inspiration in the fast-growing Dutch dance scene. With the likes of Skrillex, Dr. Dre and Flume acting as a catalyst, Fritz explored many different sounds and genres before he created the style that was closest to his heart. The sound that makes him Gold/Shade. Viralbpm talked with Fritz Nijman about his alias, album ‘Halcyon’ and future steps in a humble interview.

V1. Congrats for the release of “Halcyon”! Opposed to its title, your debut album is actually pretty moody and dark. Tell more about your influences behind its creation, as well as going from the initial inspiration to final touches of the chosen tracks?

Gold/Shade: Thanks! Yeah, I love making dark and moody tracks! As I released ‘My Muse’ I had a couple of tracks ready and a bunch of ideas. However, nothing like a concept of an album. I don’t really wait for inspiration or anything, I just try to move forward and create new music as much as I can. Sometimes something great comes from a day in the studio, another time the beat can be less convincing. But I’ll just go, sit down, and get on with it really! Whatever i feel in the moment, I’ll use in my productions. The songs just kept coming before i knew it i had enough to decide which track I wanted to release first.

V2. “Halcyon” had fourteen tracks, including your two first singles “My Muse” and “Lighthouse”. Do you have a favorite track or one that has a special story behind it?

Gold/Shade: One of my favourites is ‘Rain’. My friend Lu and I were in the studio finishing another track. When we were done we still had time left, so started making a new track. As I was producing Lu began writing and once I heard where he was going with it we started talking about how to tell the story. We kept changing and re-writing until we decided to move towards spreading some sort of a positive message. After recording what was supposed to be the hook we felt it didn’t really need anything else and just left it at that. However, just to be sure I sent it over to Neenah and once again she delivered and finished it off properly.

V3. You started your journey as just a few months ago; How did you end up with that alias and what’s your background as a music producer? Tell something more about your past.

Gold/Shade: I started playing around with music software a long time ago, just for fun. I just never stopped really. When producing more and more beats i learned more about actually creating an all round song and telling a story through music. After producing for a while and being connected to several different musical projects, nothing was really changing. I felt I was a bit stuck in one place creatively. That’s when I decided to just produce stuff I liked, and not think about external factors like trends. Other people’s opinion or possible labels. Not long after I had a couple of tracks but not a real place to put them, that’s when I started Gold/Shade.

V4. With this year’s ADE ante portas in your hometown Amsterdam, do you have any event/gig that you are excited about or playing at?

Gold/Shade: I’m playing a little showcase at event of my label Powerhouse on the Wednesday. So that’s a good start of the week. Really excited about the events like OWSLA, its just great to see labels like this hosting an event in Amsterdam. Furthermore, I’m also really looking forward to Invites, that’s always a great night!

V5. What should we expect from in the future? Any plans for the rest of 2017 or 2018?

Gold/Shade: I want to keep pushing the boundaries and evolve my sound. In the end, it’s all about making nice and vibey songs regardless of the genre. I’m looking forward to building further on the live side of things! Adding that aspect to the project is the next step after de debut album really!

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