Robin Schulz - Uncovered Album

Robin Schulz releases ‘Uncovered Album’

International dance music superstar Robin Schulz today releases his long awaited ‘Uncovered' album, which is out now via Atlantic Records. Spanning a massive 18-tracks, ‘Uncovered Album' is the German phenomenon's most cinematic and complete work to date.

Setting the tone for the 18-track opus, ‘Intro' is an epic orchestral composition, with tension building strings and a staccato piano melody that denotes a sombre mood. Seamlessly transitioning into crisp percussion and soft chord progressions, ‘Unforgettable' features the dulcet tones of American singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia. The track is the third single from his impressive offering, proving an infectious cut that oozes star quality. The melancholic tone is turned on its head with the arrival of the David Guetta & Cheat Codes collaboration ‘Shed A Light,' the huge chorus and string-laden summer banger that has been over 250 million times online.

Robin's knack for catchy melodies, hooks and toplines is second-to-none, evidenced by the succession of dance ready, radio friendly masterpieces encased in the album. From the light summery sentiment of ‘Oh Child,' to the guitar strumming, wistful ‘Fools‘ with Aalias, featuring the vocals of subway busker come signed international artist – IRO. The German artist's versatility is further confirmed with the dance-centric ‘Like You Mean It‘ featuring Swedish up-and-comer Rhys, demonstrating Robin's aptitude in selecting and nurturing emerging talent.

The first single released from the album, ‘OK‘, with legendary British crooner James Blunt, has already amassed over 123 million streams on Spotify alone, and hit the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart. ‘Naked‘ ft. picks up the tempo, and continues the theme of the album – personal and relatable tracks that serve as an energy release. ‘Above the Ground‘ represents one of four instrumental tracks on the album, paving the way for the slower and more dramatic ‘Higher Ground.'

Rounding off the final third of the album, ‘Love Me A Little‘ and ‘Tonight and Every Night‘ tug at the heartstrings before ‘More Than A Friend‘ ft. Nico Santos ramps the energy back up again. Up next is Robin's second single from the album, ‘I Believe I'm Fine‘ ft. , which has rapidly racked up over 5.5 million streams on Spotify alone since its release. The soulful and driving ‘Ha Le Lou Ya‘ is next, which features Christy Macdonald's catchy vocal piece, and is destined to light up the global radio sphere.

As the album nears the end, ‘Sounds Easy‘ ft. Ruxley rounds off the lighter dance focused compositions. The instrumental, tech-house ambience of ‘Un Sueno‘ provides a different feel to the album, while the ‘Outro‘ brings the LP full circle, closing the album with a larger-than-life instrumental piece in a dramatic close.

Uncovered Album‘ proves that Grammy Nominated is not resting on his laurels, and highlights his masterful grasp across the dance music spectrum. He continues to tour across the globe, road-testing his productions at some of the world's most in-demand music spots. Adding another 18 mind-blowing creations to his brimming back catalogue with ‘Uncovered', Robin Schulz continues to impress at every turn.

Uncovered Album Tracklist:

1. ‘Intro' – Robin Schulz

2. ‘Unforgettable' – Robin Schulz & Marc Scibilia

3. ‘Shed A Light' – Robin Schulz & David Guetta & Cheat Codes

4. ‘Oh Child' – Robin Schulz

5. ‘Fools' – Robin Schulz & Aalias (Ft. IRO)

6. ‘Like You Mean It' – Robin Schulz (Ft. Rhys)

7. ‘OK' – Robin Schulz (Ft. James Blunt)

8. ‘Naked' – Robin Schulz (Ft. Sam Martin)

9. ‘Above The Clouds' – Robin Schulz

10. ‘Higher Ground' – Robin Schulz

11. ‘Love Me A Little' – Robin Schulz

12. ‘Tonight And Every Night' – Robin Schulz

13. ‘More Than A Friend' – Robin Schulz (Ft. Nico Santos)

14. ‘I Believe I'm Fine' – Robin Schulz & HUGEL

15. ‘Ha Leh Lou Ya' – Robin Schulz (Ft. Christy McDonald)

16. ‘Sounds Easy' – Robin Schulz (Ft. Ruxley)

17. ‘Un Sueno' – Robin Schulz

18. ‘Outro' – Robin Schulz

Stream/purchase Uncovered Album here.

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