Quentyn – Exclusive Interview With The Former Half Of Dutch Duo Volt & State

After indulging his label Enroute Records with his first solo single ‘Moving On’, supported by Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Don Diablo amongst others, the former half of Volt & State, Dutch DJ and producer Quentyn returns with his latest release ‘Home Tonight’. Steeped in high-bred melodies and a dreamy atmosphere, ‘Home Tonight’ shows the diverse producting talent of the young Dutch artist.

The catchy single contains Quentyn’s signature piano chords, and shows his progressive house background and uplifting house influences. ‘Home Tonight’ justifies Quentyn’s future as solo artist and clearly celebrates the producers love for live elements. While continuing his journey as a solo producer, moving to towards different musical genres within the electronic scene, with today’s release, Viralbpm had the chance to talk with Quentyn for his upcoming projects in 2017, with which he aims to ‘experiment with all sorts of different music genres, whilst staying true to the melody’.

V1. It was September 29th when you announced the separation of the duo. Today, exactly one year after your music ‘divorce’ with Martin Volt, you are releasing your second solo release ‘Home Tonight’ on your own imprint Enroute Records. What’s your feelings for all these changes that took place over the last year?

Quentyn: It’s a funny coincidence that the release is at the same date indeed! It’s hasn’t been an easy decision to quit Volt & State, we put all our passion in this project. I look back on my period with with so many great memories! I think the biggest change since we quit is that I now have more freedom in making music. With Volt & State, during our production process I was always thinking about how tracks would work live, like during a big festival or in a club. I was focused on how to keep the energy level high during the entire track, to keep the crowd going.

I also believe we were unconsciously always sort of thinking about which label would fit for the track and therefore always producing in a certain direction. It feels good to not worry about this when I’m in the studio now as a solo producer. Throughout this year, since the split with Martin, I’ve tried to move forward and spend a lot of time writing melodies, developing my sound (making my own kick, snare, synth sounds, etc.) and making plans about which direction I want to go with my music/project as Quentyn.

V2. Speaking of your past, is there any particular reason behind the breakup with Martin? How difficult was a decision like this and what’s your relationship since then?

Quentyn: There wasn’t one particular reason but it was more a combination of things that made make the decision to end Volt & State. We are still close friends and are talking all the time. I am so happy to have had this unique experience with him. Travelling the world as a DJ Duo brings you close together. Quitting the project didn’t affect our friendship!

V3. A few months ago you established your own label, ‘Enroute Records’, with the imprint’s first release being your solo single ‘Moving On’, supported by Martin Garrix, Hardwell and Don Diablo amongst others. Tell us more about this new step, as label owner. What’s in the store for the rest of 2017 and beyond?

Quentyn: To be honest, I didn’t expect the support to be this big. It’s not a typical track to be found in the sets of EDM artists like Don Diablo, or Hardwell. So it means a lot for me to see them supporting it! This project is a personal journey; seeking to write the perfect melodies and expand genres, without trying to produce towards the market’s needs. Therefore I’m now releasing under my own label Enroute Records. I have two more tracks lined up to release and a bunch of unfinished ones so I’m really looking forward to release these throughout the year.

V4. DJ-duo were known for creating progressive house hits like, our favorite ‘Haunted’, ‘Sandcastles’ and ‘Warriors’. But with ‘Moving On’ and ‘Home Tonight’ you appear to be experimenting more with different genres? What should we except from Quentyn alias?

Quentyn: It’s funny you mention Haunted here, as this is one of my favorite track to be honest. Yet it also a clear example of a track that got adjusted a lot throughout the production process, to fit into our sets and the general expectations of external parties. The original idea was a more ‘band’ orientated vibe. If I would have finished the production process of this track today, it would have ended up in the opposite direction. With every track I make, I always begin with composing a melody (through a simple piano- or guitar-sound).

If I can transmit the emotion I’m looking for, solely through a melody (in one loop), I believe this would be the strongest possible starting point. My goal is to seek limits on how I can make music in complete different genres without loosing this emotion. As I’m comfortable making progressive house. My starting point would be very close to this genre, but I’d like to see this project as a beginning of a journey in developing myself into different genres. For now I’m exploring the crossover between (Progressive) house and band/indie music. It’s more down-tempo, more 80s inspired synths and with less electronic elements.

V5. So, tell us more about your solo attempt: Any upcoming projects, releases or collabs we could reveal?

Quentyn: Nothing I can talk about yet, but stay tuned and updates will soon follow through my social channels!

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