Mike Mago

Mike Mago – Exclusive Interview With The Dutch Head Honcho Of BMKLTSCH RCRDS

Dutch producer Mike Magootherwise known as Michiel Thomassenestablished himself with his Amsterdam-based imprint BMKLTSCH RCRDS eight years ago and has been receiving since then more and more attention with a string of wildly popular original releases, as well as remixing the likes of Alunageorge, Avicii, Tiesto, Lost Frequencies,  and Ellie Goulding. While appearing on major global events, including Creamfields, Lowlands, Sonar, Dancevalley and Winter Conference Miami to name a few, Mike Mago keeps on successfully evolving his taste and thus the profile and musical course of his record label. Viralbpm chatted with BMKLTSCH RCRDS‘ boss to get the lowdown on the new single, upcoming mini album, what lies ahead and some of his favourite moments so far.

V1. You’ve just released “Remedy” featuring Tom Ferry & ILY. Could you describe to us the creative process behind the track?

Mike Mago: It was actually an original from ILY that Tom found and asked to remix. Then he sent me the track and I was like: “whaaat” and he was like: “yeah!” And I was like: “send me the stems” and he did. I did my thing on it and sent it back and then the three of us were like: “Hooray!”

V2. How did the collaboration with Tom Ferry & ILY? How do you choose your collaborators for your tracks in general?

Mike Mago: In this case it was the pure run of events. I’ve known Tom for a while via mail since he had send me demo’s for my label BMKLTSCH. I really liked what he was doing (and off course still do) so kept a close eye on him. For me there’s no set way to start a collab. Might be a draft or an idea I have that I send out to who I think can bring it to another level. Might also be a great first draft from someone else that I feel and want to do my thing on.

V3. What’s next on the line? Any special releases on your label BMKLTSCH you can already talk about?

Mike Mago: We have a great release from which I’m really proud of. These guys have been doing really well on Exploited, DFCT etc so truly happy with them releasing on BMKLTSCH.

V4. What plans do you have for the rest of the year regarding touring and live shows?

Mike Mago: I had some great moments this weekend on Ministry Of Sound together with Tensnake, Tube & Berger and Wankelmut. But also clearing my agenda for some studio work. I’ve been working on an EP/mini album that’s 60% done so need to really make time in the studio for the last 30%. I also have a new single on Armada, titled ‘Dangerous Behaviour’.

V5. What programs and gear are you using in the studio for composing and recording your own music?

Mike Mago: My DAW is Logic, but I sometimes also work with Ableton. I have a Mac pro, a Quertet ads interface and Focals as speakers. I use Diva, Serum, Massive and Korg M1 (the plug in) the most. And for most of my I use Splice.

V6. Is there something that makes you really happy regarding your career, some particular achievement and maybe something you regret till this day?

Mike Mago: Obviously still ‘Outlines’ makes me really happy. It has opened a lot of doors for me and having a top 10 record in the UK and gold in several countries is very satisfying. I regret that I have spend too much time trying to make a follow up for ‘Outlines’ though. I was really forcing myself to make another crossover hit, which has cost me time and energy. This was the year after Outlines and I didn’t have as much output as I wanted to. I’m back on track now and more productive then ever. Hence the EP/mini album coming out soon.

V7. And finally Mike Mago, where there any persons in your life or maybe artists that helped you / supported your work during your early years of your carreer?

Mike Mago: I have been really lucky with the enormous support and help I got from so many different artists. It’s not just one person that got me somewhere. Its Zombie Disco Squad pitching my first track to the guys from Defected, It’s Bart B More showing me how to fatten sounds, Its Black Sun Empire showing me loads of smart production techniques, It’s The Magician constantly supporting my music in the early years, It’s Danny Howard playing my tracks on BBC1 Radio.

It’s Bakermat guiding me through the business side of this industry, It’s Oliver Heldens giving feedback on my productions, the list goes on. But there’s on person, my girlfriend Yasmine, who has really supported me through-out my career. My boost came way after we met and before that I didn’t have income, so its pretty special when someone still supports you following your dream, when there’s a good chance there’s nothing to lose.

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