OVION – Exclusive Interview With The French Talent

Hailing from Valence, France, Hugo Maire better known as Ovion, possess a contagious passion for electronic music. The talented French artist made a rather big mark on Protocol Recordings last year, releasing two magnificent melodic progressive tracks, “I Dream” and “On My Way”, with the latter being played at Belgium 2016 by the label's boss, Nicky Romero. Finding inspiration from classical music maestro Hans Zimmer, Ovion has set out to rise up to his fullest potential and take his production skills to the next level. Viralbpm sat down with Hugo Maire to discuss about his music steps so far, the French music scene and latest productions. 

V1. Let's begin with your alias Ovion: How did you come up with this artistic nickname?

Ovion: It was almost 3 years ago, when I was about to sign with my management and I had to find quickly a nickname. As a huge fan of astronomy and physics, I wanted a name that would remind me that. So I started to get inspired by constellations and stars names. At that time I remembered the Orion constellation. And as simple as that, I came up with Ovion!

V2. You made a rather big mark on the Nicky Romero's imprint last year, releasing “I Dream”, which was included on Protocol's Miami 2016 compilation, and “On My Way”, which was played a few months later by the label's boss at Tomorrowland Belgium 2016. How do you feel about these tracks? Is there any particular story behind them?

Ovion: In fact, the concept of “I Dream” was created thanks to a feeling of frustration! I just turned 18 when i started the project, I came up with the melody and then the whole idea took shape, but I felt that something was missing. The break was a bit boring, and I thought a singer was necessary. But I didn't had the money and the contact to make it happened, so I started working with vocal samples. As they weren't good enough or too “girly”, I thought that a vocoder would be good to make the track stronger. When “I Dream” was released, I received some great feedback about it and I wanted to do another track with the same concept, but more sophisticated and catchy, that's how “On My Way” was born!

V3. Your magnificent Protocol Recordings releases were then followed by “Hier Encore“ and “Sirius EP“. Given that your productions are characterized as, progressive, euphoric and emotional, what would you say that inspires you the most when writing music?

Ovion: I find inspiration in many different ways. But most of the times, Ι walk in the nature listening to some classical music, like Hans Zimmer for . It gives me a very special and refreshing feeling.

V4. Is there someone special who helped you out during your early days as an artist? Or someone who inspired you throughout your career?

Ovion: I started producing music when I was 14. At that age I begun posting some tracks under another nickname on Youtube. A guy, “Romain Deborde” took me under his wing and thanks to him I managed to learn some production tricks. Then I signed with my management and I met Tom Tyger, about 3 years ago. This guy is open-handed. He spend lots of his time to give me feedback on each track I produced. He teaches me a lot, even now.

V5. What would you advise young artists who are currently making their first steps in the music industry?

Ovion: Work and patience, that's the main key I believe.

V6. You are now part of a new generation of French artists, such as , Arno Cost, , Thomas Feelman, just to name a few, who have brought your country's electronic musical industry in the forefront. How does this make you feel? Any other upcoming talents we should keep an eye on according to your opinion?

Ovion: I'm very proud of it! I think you should definitely keep an eye on Fabien Azzano and Mathieu Gaucher. They are very talented guys and they have some solid stuff on their way!

V7. You're latest track “Stardust” was released on Arise Records. What's the feedback so far and what should we expect next from you in the future?

Ovion: As huge fan of cinematic music, I wanted to bring my touch on this type of music. It took time, but it was worth the try. I'm taking time to innovate, create new sounds, new horizons. Actually, many of my projects are not electronic. I'm just experimenting and I think that's the most important for a musician. However, I keep working on some progressive house with one of them already signed on a big label!

V8. Which would you characterize as your “collaboration of your dreams”, regarding both artists/producers and singers/vocalists? Any specific labels would you be also interested in signing your music?

Ovion: Oh, I got so many haha! I'm a huge fan of Illenium, Odesza, Apparat and Tycho to name a few. I would say Ember Island and Echos for the singers. But the collab of my dream would be with Anthony Gonzalez (M83) for sure!

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