Lifelike – Nightwalk EP [Anjunadeep]

A legend of the Parisian scene, Lifelike a.k.a. Laurent Ash made his debut on Anjunadeep with ‘Sexodrome' in early 2017. Now he follows with a 3-track EP of trademark french house cuts. ‘Nightwalk EP' pairs an insistent melody with classic filter house bassline, whilst on ‘Non-Stop Music' and ‘Trance Europe Sexpress' he showcases his diversity with shades italo disco and anthemic riffs.

Pioneering the nu-disco sound, years long before that kind of sound started to invade the worldwide indie charts, 's early productions (Black Chess EP on the legendary “20000ST” record label) soon pricked the ears of the likes of DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter (from ), and playlisted his record during their “Together 2002 tour”, which if you're a young Producer, is basically the equivalent of getting all six numbers in the lottery, finally introducing him very quickly into the very small but highly talented “French Touch” family.

Release Date: 1st September 2017

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