Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez – Exclusive Interview With The American Forward-Thinking Producer

American Eugenio Sanchez Jr., commonly known by his stage name Junior Sanchez, is one of the most innovative and in-demand DJ/Producers in the music industry. His ever-evolving and forward-thinking style has attracted positive attention from legendary artists spanning all genres. Over the course of his successful career, Junior Sanchez has produced and remixed material for Daft Punk, Placebo, , New Order, Giorgio Moroder, Madonna, Shakira, Katy Perry and .

Today, the American renowned DJ/producer operates his own  Brobot Records distributed by Armada, but his new duties ain't slowing Junior Sanchez down. He recently released an excellent tribute album called “Under The Influence” with which he “wanted to pay homage to all the influencers, who paved the way for what we have today in House Music”. Virabpm sat down with Junior Sanchez and talked about his new album, influences, future plans and “House Music in its core“.

V1. You've just released an excellent tribute album called “Under The Influence”. Can you explain to us the story behind this release?

JR: I really wanted to make an album and center it around my influences and the people I grew up being inspired by house music in our culture that over the became my peers and friends. We tend to forget sometimes when we hang around our friends that they still inspire us. This album really reflects the feelings and emotions that I had when I first started listening to the likes of Masters At Work, Mood 2 Swing, , Todd Terry, Daft Punk, Kerri Chandler, MK, Roger Sanchez, Dj Sneak and Dennis Ferrer. I can go on and on! I wanted to pay homage to all the influencers who paved the way for what we have today in House Music.

V2. Are these artists exactly these persons that influenced your career and sound, or are there other artists to you would like to mention now too?

JR: Of course there are tons, I could on and on, people like Roy Davis Jr, Ron Trent, Stacey Pullen, Jovon, Regis, MrG, Michael Moog, Jellybeen Benitez, Larry Heard, TenCity, Marshall Jefferson, we could be here for a long time lol…

V3. Could you describe your sound and your type of productions in a more general manner?

JR: It's House Music in its core. Inspired by soulful new jersey house. With the mindset of a sample heavy Todd Terry track. With his inspired and pioneered hard hitting drums and snares. Some touches of nyc Joey Beltram techno feels. It's inspired by great underground music at the end of the day.

V4. Junior Sanchez, would you like to give us a glimpse of the way you work in the studio? What programs and gear are you using?

JR: I use Abelton live, and Protools HDX, Universal Audio plugins & Waves, my outboard gear is and ssl compressor, a Gml 8200 EQ and i summed everything through my Dangerous 2Bus+ rig which I recommend the headroom is amazing, I always start with drums and work to my basslines or melodies via synths, that pretty much the way I work drums 1st and foremost.

V5. What plans do you have for the rest of the year? Any exciting songs you can already talk about?

JR: For the rest of the year of course I'll be pushing and promoting my album “Under The Influence”. Also getting remixes done and keep the message going. I have some amazing collaborations in the works, that I had to hold on to because of the album. One with Crystal Waters and I just remixed Paul Johnson's classic Get Get Down. I have been speaking to Seven Davis JR and we started to send idea's back and forth to each other. Not tot mention that I have a few release's coming on play it down for jesse rose's final compilation on his label. Finally, for 2018 Roger Sanchez, Dj Sneak and I have something very special lined up that we will tease very soon.

V6. Will you be touring a lot during the next months?

JR: Yes! Ecuador for Lost Beach, in Oct Rohnda LA, of course ADE late Oct with a few dates Todd Terry & Friends, and a few others spots during the conference, check out my RA event list for a full schedule.

V7. What would you suggest to new, young talents who want to try their luck in the music industry. Any “pro” tips: available for upcoming artists?

JR: Stay true, stay passionate, be creative and learn from the past to really change the future!

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