DubVision – Paradise [Armada Trice]

‘Boiling’ is surely the word that could best qualify the DubVision for this year 2017. After a series of equally qualitative pieces of each other, the duo is preparing to release this brand new piece premiered at the Adventure The Music 2017. While we are still awaiting the release of the famous “New Memories” with Afrojack, the two Dutch have a new effect with this “Paradise” on Armada Trice.

Like a plane taking you to your favorite holiday destination, ‘Paradise’ is what you’ve been long-anticipating.

This track offers the feel-good vibes you need to unload and destress, and readies you for everything life may throw at you. It’s unmistakable; make sure you can take on the world.

As soon as reaches the Progressive House, it is guaranteed to have a title of very high quality. At the time, this track is certainly not very original on the part of the two brothers Victor and Steve but the melodic power of this production makes the whole tune very appreciative and totally euphoric for a very convincing result.

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