Don Diablo

Don Diablo feat. Holly Winter – Don’t Let Go [Hexagon]

The album arrives little by little for Don Diablo. While the speculation around the ID of the Dutch allowed to see what should be one of the opus of the year with to the mainstream EDM, the Don advances step by step with the coming out οf a new single. After “Save A Little Love” and “Momentum“, here is “Don't Let Go” on Hexagon, featuring Holly Winter on vocals.

Don Diablo has progressively imposed and polished his unique Future House style to the point of arriving today on a secondary stage where it adapts this famous key so as to be able to put it in as many hands as possible.

So it is logical a track cut radio and not surprising enough that we find, with a vocal catchy and a drop Piano House simple but effective. A rather successful compromise between Pop and Electro.

Buy/stream “Don't Let Go” on  here and listen it below.

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