Marcus Schossow

Marcus Schossow – Exclusive Interview With Code Red’s Swedish Pioneer

Swedish Marcus Schossow is a pioneer music producer, whose career blossomed faster than any self-promotion and stunting could spur. Βorn and raised in Helsinborg, the innovative maestro saw himself rising quickly from the local scene to becoming an international act. Having signed prestigious contracts with some of the most famous labels like Size, Axtone, Ultra, Spinnin' and Revealed, the Swedish artist established his own imprint, , which after a six-month hiatus in 2017 came back to life with his brand-new single “Rumble”. Ahead of his new ‘Time Goes By EP' release with , sat down with Viralbpm, in order to discuss his future plans, renewal of Code Red, rising newcomers and 8 upcoming tracks!

V1. After a six-month hiatus, Code Red came back to life with your brand-new single, “Rumble.” Could you describe to us the creative process of the track?

Marcus Schossow: I made that record about a year ago and it's been one of those that just kept growing on me. The melody is inspired by some Brazilian choir samba thing I heard online.

V2. What happened with Code Red during the last 6 months, which were pretty quiet regarding the label's activities. What should we expect from the label in the future?

Marcus Schossow: We totally reorganized the whole and is finally independent from anything and everyone, an amazing feeling that gives us total creative freedom. The future sound of code red is something in between melodic tech house, progressive house and melancholic techno…. It's all a huge genre mess anyone, who gives a fuck? It's great music and I'm super proud of it.

V3. What do you have planned regarding your own releases and songs for the coming months? Anything you would like (and can) reveal to us at this moment?

Marcus Schossow: We're going to do eight new releases from me 🙂 I also just did a remix for and Ingrosso and I've seen my remix for The Weeknd is being picked up again! Honestly, I've never had some much unreleased great music laying around.

V4. Summer is almost over, so what plans do you have regarding touring and live shows for the rest of 2017?

Marcus Schossow: Not much, I don't focus on touring at all atm. I only play the shows I really to want and I love having it like that. Keeps the passion going and my fans gets the best out of me.

V5. With a heavy and loaded schedule like yours, do you have enough time to focus on other things aside from music related things? Any hobbies or side activities?

Marcus Schossow: Yes, me and my best mate Thomas Sagstad always have projects going! It's important for me to keep busy, otherwise my mind wanders off into totally creativity and yeah… Then I'll end up like a lonely man in a forest cabin with 300 cats and 200 unreleased albums.

V6. How would you say has your music style evolved over these years? What or who did influence you throughout your career?

Marcus Schossow: Honestly, I think I'm coming back to what I started with atm… Obviously developed a lot technically but yeah… Feels like I had my little circle? I can tell you what influenced me the most of my career. To not end up like a bandwagon EDM dude playing sets my own mother could put together on . I get why they do it, it's great money. But you know, are you gonna lay there in your grave and remember your bank account numbers? Or are you going to remember everything you loved doing from your heart… Just saying.

V7. Any (new) artists or songs that you liked or maybe even excited you this year?

Marcus Schossow: Look out for the stuff from David Pietras, he's a little genius!

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