Attention (David Guetta Remix)

Charlie Puth – Attention (David Guetta Remix) [Atlantic]

Oliver Heldens, Bingo Players and now David Guetta. Charlie Puth‘s hit ‘Attention‘ gets remixed by the biggest names of today's music market. Listen to “Attention ( Remix)” below.

However, it goes without saying that this last remix of the French megamind is perhaps not equal to the remix that could have made the author of ‘Gecko'.

Attention‘ is the first single from his upcoming second album,VoiceNotes, has been everywhere this summer, that killer bass-line thumping in bars and radios, slinking across dance parties and out of car windows.

The song (which was written and produced by Charlie Puth, as well as performed) has risen to No. 5 on the Hot 100 and gone platinum since it's release this spring.

Now, DJ David Guetta has taken the already grooving track and remixed it, converting it out into a dance-floor-packing, club-bumping, end-of-summer jam.

However, David Guetta, who recently told reporters in his studio in New York have the ambition of a new musical project, presents a rather bland remix.

Definitely below our expectations from a producer, who has made some of the greatest hits of our time.

Listen to David Guetta‘s remix ‘s ‘Attention‘, which is out via Atlantic Records. Download & Stream “Attention (David Guetta Remix)” here or in store here.

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