This is how much Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube pay per 1.000 streams

Apple Music, and YouTube, arguably the most important ways to get music heard– but which platform is paying its artists the most?

Thanks to RIAA-backed research via Nielsen, BuzzAngle, and MiDIA, we have a very simple breakdown via Digital Music News. Here are the dollar amount that music creators make fore every 1,000 streams on these leading streaming platforms:

-Apple Music: Slightly over $12
-Spotify: About $7.50
-YouTube: Around $1.50

Recently, Information is Beautiful (IiB) did an excellent job of breaking down exactly how many plays it would take to make minimum wage on even more streaming services. The results might surprise you (check ’em out here)!

IiB didn’t compile their information from Nielsen, BuzzAngle, and MiDIA Research, like the RIAA did. Instead, they analyzed data from artists and a range of different sources, including Digital Music News. According to IiB, for 1,000 plays on the following services, unsigned artists should expect to receive:

-Apple Music: $6.40
-Spotify: $3.80
-YouTube: $0.60

While signed artists profit a little more:

-Apple Music: $7.30
-Spotify: $4.40
-YouTube: $0.70

According to Lyor Cohen, the Google-owned platform has contributed over $2 billion to the music industry. And $1 billion over the past 12 months.  However, while their numbers differed, data from both the RIAA and IiB proves one thing. As the RIAA states,

“The contribution of platforms like YouTube to the overall business can only be described as meager.”

Source: Digital Music News

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