Dzeko ft. TOKA-J – Heart Speak via Musical Freedom [Video]

Following the release of “Liberty“, “Fluxland 2017” and “California“, Canadian DJ/producer Dzeko joins forces with TOKA-J for this invigorating gem titled “Heart Speak” on Tiesto‘s Musical Freedom Records!

The impressive melodies and touching vocals will grab you by the ears from the start, followed by a poppy tinged drop with future bass influences. It's a tune that lets the “Heart Speak” for sure!

From the front row of a Tiesto show to a coveted spot on the Dutch megastar's management roster, the story of  & Torres is equal parts dream and determination. But everything that has a beginning has an end.

Julian (Dzeko) in 2017 separated his operational duties with Luis (Torres), as the talented Canadian duo, initially found each other through an online forum for Toronto club events, decided to follow different paths.

Dzeko still wants to Tour and Produce music, while Torres wants to focus more as an engineer/producer full time. It was a mutual thing, but not a strict… divorce, as they'll still be a team and will still be working together.

Listen to Dzeko's latest track “Heart Speak” with TOKA-J  below.

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