CONRO – Exclusive Interview With The Rising Canadian Producer

Canadian producer was always destined to make a name for himself as a musician. Also known as Conor Patton, his musical ability and a knack for kicking out top-notch productions is bettered only by his solid drive and relentless determination to make music that matters. With a brand new summer EP titled ‘Connecting The Dots’, on Monstercat, as well as a number of other projects in the pipeline, ’s catalogue of stellar productions has continued to grow over the years, with releases on Armada, Revealed, WOLV and and support by names including Hardwell and David Guetta. As 2017 has catapulted him higher as one of the names to watch across the musical landscape, Viralbpm has managed to talk with this new rising star in dance music to discuss his latest releases, career, music preferences and future goals.

V1. Monstercat, Armada, Revealed and WOLV Records. You have released tons of great music, on huge labels, so we were wondering, what are your future plans for 2017, but also in general?

Conro: I have released this EP called ‘Connecting The Dots’! I’m so excited to show off my music, been working really hard on it. As well as some really cool collaborations and remixes.

V2. Aside from releasing singles on big labels, you’ve held some pretty big live events and you have also had songs featured on Ultra’s official after movie – all great accomplishments, during an exciting career. Did you believe when you started recording your own music that you would reach that kind of success?

Conro: I’ve always believed that I could do big things. But it’s an insane feeling when those dreams start becoming a reality. I feel very blessed and accomplished. Lots of hard work and patience haha.

V3. What would you advise young talents who want to start a career as a producer or DJ? Any particular dangers they should be aware of?

Conro: I would say focus on making quality music and don’t get caught up trying to be someone else. Focus on building what makes you original and that will lead to recognition and success. Always read contracts thoroughly! And if you have a question just ask someone who has dealt with similar situation as you.

V4. On the one side there is critical acclaim from the media or the fans and on the other side, we have commercial success like charts, sales, radio airplay etc. What would you say is more important for your procedure of creating new tracks?

Conro: It’s always important that no matter what the style or sound you are creating you are happy with the final product.

V5. Conro, how would you describe your sound and process of developing your own, unique style?

Conro: I think it comes with a bit of time. After a while no matter what you do, you can’t shake the sounds and style that creates ‘you’. I love melodies and big chords, so I always incorporate that somehow in my songs.

V6. Is there any musical genre you have not had the chance to get involved with, but you would love to try it out someday?

Conro: I would love to start up a dance/alternative/indie/ band at some point in my life!

V7. You are back from a long week or month, with heavy touring and a busy schedule. What is the first thing you want to do when you return home?

Conro: I always just want to sit on my couch and play my favorite game, Rocket League. It’s basically playing soccer with RC cars. It’s insanely fun haha

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