KSHMR Perfects Launch Of His Dharma Label With Full ‘Materia EP’

KSHMR exploded onto the scene in 2014 with his first release, ‘Megalodon'. Since then, he's released a string of tracks going #1 on Beatport which quickly garnered him a rapidly growing fan base. In 2016, KSHMR was awarded DJ Mag's prestigious accolade of Best New Live Act, climbed to number 12 on their Top 100 DJ list and graces the cover of the March issue.

KSHMR has continued his run of success into 2016 with a number of phenomenal singles such as ‘Touch' and ‘Wildcard' and massive performances at and EDC , and continues to push the envelope of contemporary dance music.

Dharma presents ‘Materia EP'

Moving into 2017, he's kept on delivering groundbreaking hit records, including the collab ‘Harder' and team-up with Crossnaders ‘Back To Me'.

This is now followed up by the launch of his first ever , aptly titled Dharma, releasing the full, four-track KSHMR ‘Materia EP', already preceded by its singles ‘Festival Of Lights', a collab with Dutch rising star Maurice West, and ‘Kolkata', a teamup with JDG & Mariana BO.

The ‘Materia EP' collects these brand new tracks, adding two more records to the full package. ‘The Serpent' is a whirlwind of the trademark KSHMR sound, incorporating Snails in one amazing piece of dance music, while ‘Divination' is a dream collab with , a melodic piece of electro house taken to wonderful, exotic heights.

“The Materia EP has four tracks, one for each worldly element, wherein the favorite of my recent collaborations find a home. These tracks are, in their substance, all equally contributed by the artists featured, resulting in a sort of family affair that I really hold dear.” – KSHMR

KSHMR – ‘Materia EP'

Out now on Dharma. Buy/Stream it here.

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