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Sonic Samurai More Brass Remix

Exclusive Premiere: Sonic Samurai Releases Legendary (More Brass Mix) on Big & Dirty Records

Viralbpm has the pleasure to premiere exclusively two unique tracks, which are released today by Dirty Soul Music, a Be Yourself Music‘s sub-label, and Big & Dirty Records. The first one comes from Nall & Mønro, who reveal the Acoustic Version of their collaboration, titled “Cold World” (listen to the track here). The second one comes from Sonic Samurai, a female and male urban-samurai that uses an array of musical weapons like a sonic-sword, boom-bows, disco-daggers, drum-chucks, you name it. It is called “Legendary“, released on Big & Dirty Records and refreshed by the mysterious duo with an innovative remix.

There’s not really much to tell about Sonic Samurai who are currently roaming the land to quell musical injustice where the find it. Dressed in urban-hybrid-techno-samurai or 8bit-disco-desert-ninja attire, you never see them coming. but you know it when they’re gone. Rumor has it they are so well disguised, there could even be more than one duo operating in the name of musical justice.

Sonic Samurai have just released their first track on Big & Dirty Recordings. The track is doing pretty well with 160.000 streams in only 2.5 months. Finally they are back, remixing their own track, calling it the “More Brass Mix” because of its signature brass sound.

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