KSHMR Talks Dharma Music Label And Shares ‘Festival of Lights’ with Maurice West

There comes a time in every producer's life when he or she feels the need to spread their wings and shelter the burgeoning talent of others. KSHMR has reached that day. As the head of his new label Dharma Music, he's already nourishing new talent while finding the freedom to release music when and how he feels best.

Dharma will be a home for music with soul from around the world, and most importantly, music I love,” KSHMR says. “It gives me a platform to nourish and present new artists.

His first self-released single is “Festival of Lights,” an tune that wears its Indian influence on its sleeve, celebrating the nation's Autumnal celebration of color and the victory of light over darkness.

It's the first single from KSHMR‘s upcoming Materia EP, and it's a collaboration with one of KSHMR's newest proteges, Maurice West.

Festival of Lights‘ is an homage to Diwali,” KSHMR says in an emailed statement. “It started with an inspiring demo from up-and-comer Maurice West, which in turn became the basis for the whole Materia EP.

I had been walking around with the melody for ‘Festival Of Lights‘ for a long time and knew it would be a perfect fit for KSHMR,” Maurice West says. “I made a sketch of the track and sent it over to him. The next morning, I up to an email from KSHMR saying he loved it and wanted to work with me on it. The whole process of working together was an amazing experience, and I'm really proud of the end result.

Fans can look forward to a second single off Materia coming next week, according to parent label Spinnin Records. We expect a few more collaborations on the way, and we look forward to hearing about what further new talent KSHMR has up his sleeve.

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