Highly Sedated

Highly Sedated reveal anthemic second single ‘Burn’

Swedish Electronica Band Highly Sedated have unveiled the second single from their eagerly-awaited debut album, All We Have Is Now. ‘Burn’ is out today via Steve Angello’s SIZE Records.

Burn’ is another taste of what’s to come from their forthcoming LP. It also features a looped piano melody and dark synth chords, underpinning a soaring male vocal. The track later builds into a charging dance anthem equipped with a stomping bassline and solid percussive elements.

Furthermore, ‘All We Have Is Now’ will be comprised of 12 tracks, which embody their eclectic taste and genre-bending style. It will contain a slate of brand new material, alongside their previous singles, ‘Got Some Water’, ‘Make Love’, ‘Last Call’ and the recently released ‘’.

‘Burn’ is a dynamic display of their solid production style and exhibits their knack for cleverly-crafted melodies.

Amidst their busy schedule, will also be taking to the stage in Vilnius, Lithuania today, to celebrate Midsummer. Moreover, the group will perform their tracks with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Modesto Pitrėno.

All We Have Is Now’ not only serves as a celebration of their finely-tuned production abilities, but also showcases the evolution of their sound so far. Set to add to the band’s success, ’s latest body of work feels like the perfect soundtrack to their exciting summer ahead.



1. Highly Sedated – ‘Wasted Youth’
2. Highly Sedated – ‘Go Insane’
3. Highly Sedated – ‘Got Some Water’
4. Highly Sedated – ‘We Try’
5. Highly Sedated – ‘Slip Away’
6. Highly Sedated – ‘Burn’
7. Highly Sedated – ‘Make Love’
8. Highly Sedated – ‘Now’
9. Highly Sedated – ‘Rush’
10. Highly Sedated – ‘Highly Sedated’
11. Highly Sedated – ‘Last Call’
12. Highly Sedated – ‘Smoke Rings’

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