Arias & Arno Cost

Arias & Arno Cost – Exclusive B2B Interview With The French Hyper Talents

Undeniable in their chemistry for over a decade, & Arno Cost are two of France’s finest talents and exports. Even though they are counting 12 years of friendship and countless successful team-ups, they preferred working as individuals rather than merging into a productive duo. Renowned for their famous collaborations “Magenta”, “The Days To Come” and “At Night”, & Arno Cost have quickly moulded their reputation as one of the scenes most promising young talents since 2006.

Their productions have attracted praise from some of dance music’s most formidable personalities, including David Guetta, Axwell, Steve Angello, Nicky Romero, Tiesto or Sebastian Ingrosso just to name a few. While they are currently preparing the launch of their “When In Paris” tour, and Arno Cost took the time to talk to Viralbpm about their careers so far, with the former revealing -for the first time- the title of his new track on Size Records, called “Elephant“, and the latter commenting on his latest tune “Violins“.

V1. Eleven years have passed since the both of you created your mega-hit “Magenta” and you’re still combining forces successfully. How did it not came up to merge as a French duo over the years?

Arno Cost: and I have been loving working together in the studio. We made 3 or 4 tracks released and thousands of unreleased! But we both have our own musical universe and we decided not to tour and produce as a duo. It makes our collabs even more special.

V2. In 2011 you teamed up once again, releasing another huge track, “The Days To Come” (feat. Michael Feiner) on Big Beat, owned by the Atlantic Records, a division of Warner Music Group. Is it a matter of chemistry or is there a recipe you’re following regarding your collabs? How would you describe your relationship after all these years?

Arias & Arno Cost: There’s literally no recipe here. It’s all about a 12 years friendship, beers, and french fries. We don’t force ourselves to make music if we don’t want to, simply because this is not how good music is made. Good music always comes from something spontaneous, natural.

V3. You reprised your creative partnership back in 2015, when you gave Shakedown’s “At Night” a soaring dance floor update. Should we expect a new collab any time soon?

Arias & Arno Cost: We loved working on this “At Night” track. It definitely gathered both of our musical touches and it was such a great feeling finishing this up and jump in the studio like kids! Now, we are in 2017 and we still make some beats together so, of course, you can expect a new project soon!

V4. Arias & Arno Cost, you’re about to launch a “When In Paris” tour! Tell us more about this upcoming event! Any special guests?

Arias & Arno Cost: I launched the “When In Paris” concept two years ago with several shows in Paris, Amsterdam, Miami etc… It’s a friends party, where we play house and classics, back to back. It’s also a way to share my love for my hometown, which I’m really proud of. Paris is so special in many ways. And it starts with the nightlife and the parties! We cannot really tell more about the upcoming events yet, but there it will be all about good vibes, good music, and good people. Stay tuned!

V5. you’re about to return on Size Records, following your former release on ’s imprint “Nation (Rise Again)” (w/ Third ≡ Party feat. Daniel Gidlund). Could you tell us any news about this hunting ID (Arias When In Paris 2015 YoYo Club) that’s been circling the internet for some time now? Maybe an alleged Size Records release?

: Yes, it’s a track i made a year ago. It’s called “Elephant“. It’s a pure progressive track with big chords, very melodic. I wasn’t aiming Size or any other label while doing it, but when i sent it to Steve and he immediately loved it and wanted it to be released on Size. So since i love this guy I said ok. And it’s coming SOON!

V6. Arno Cost you’ve taken on Swedish 28-member pop-group I’m From Barcelona‘s 2015 track ‘Violins‘, in order to deliver one of summer’s most iconic tunes. What triggered you to refresh it with your own, unique signature?

Arno Cost: I heard this track in a French tv advertising. And It blew my mind. The chords and the vocal melody were so beautiful and full of emotions… Of course the original is very pop and the bpm is way faster than a proper house version. So I decided to give it a fresh and bumpy vibe, with a house tempo. I’m really proud of the result!

V7. Both of you come from France, a country which has given us music legends, such as Daft Punk, David Guetta and Bob Sinclar, just to name a few. Were some of them your inspiration throughout your first steps in the music industry?

Arias & Arno Cost: The 3 names you mentioned definitely inspired our debuts as producers. Both of us listened to the Homework album from Daft Punk thousand times. We also were witnesses of the David Guetta’s rise to power. We went to his first parties in Paris when he was not that famous, we listened to every of his last releases, until he became the superstar we know today! Paris was a very prolific city, with a lot of talented producers. Lifelike, Alan Braxe, Didier Sinclair, all these guys made us want to make music and become artists.

V8. There’s a burst of genres which have become quite popular since your first steps, like Future Bass and Tropical House. For the time being, these genres are on the rise, but you’ve maintained your own sounds and music style. Which do you thing is the future of EDM?

: I think that electronic music is a constant evolving genre of music. With Arno, we’re more into Progressive House, which, is also a type of EDM that has evolved a lot this past years. It’s really hard to say what the future of EDM will be. But one thing is sure it’s that in 10 to 12 months an other kind of EDM will rise, and so on every year. And that’s what’s amazing with EDM, it’s the most creative genre today.

V9. You’re among a generation of new French artists, which have brought your country in the forefront of EDM industry worldwide. Are there any native or foreign up-and-rising talents we should keep an eye on according to your personal music taste?

Arias & Arno Cost: We think the French artists like Teagre, Point Point, Tom Tyger, Uppermost & Tony Romera & Malaa (we love Malaa) are super talented. We should all keep on eye on them! Regarding the international scene, we love Joakim Karud, Piek, Rufus…

V10. Lastly, could you please share with us -if not already- some info about any of your upcoming working titles? Which one should we expect as your next release and on which label?

Arias & Arno Cost: Yes, but it’s not really “music” we are working with Arno on a new project which is way bigger than just a track or a release on a label. And we will be really happy to share it with you as soon as it’s ready.

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