RavenKis – Exclusive Interview With The French Avant-Garde

RavenKis is part of a new generation of young French music talents with unique progressive house sound, made of uplifting chords, guitar riffs and an extreme care of details. Hailing from Paris, otherwise known as Pierre-Louis Calme made his mark in the dance music industry by unleashing monumental ‘Stellar'. The song was released on 's revered imprint Size Records in 21st April 2017, following an extremely successfull tenor since 2014 with releases on various major labels, such as Axtone and Spinnin'. While his dynamic production skills keep on receiving strong support from worldwide EDM heavyweights Axwell, Hardwell, and Kryder, just to name a few, RavenKis sat down with Viralbpm to talk about his new tracks, influences and a specific label he'd like to get a release on some day!

V1. You've launched your music career reworking tracks for a broad range of artists including, Axwell/Ingrosso, Camel Phat, Dirty South, Keane and The Temper Trap. What would you say to those producers who believe that reworks or remodes are a waste of time and focus only on making original tracks? Did it help you in being recognizable?

RavenKis: I'd say that everyone should do what he thinks right. Remixing is something fabulous, you give a second breath to a track, you try to appropriate it. It's kind of the same exercice as sampling, and without sampling there wouldn't be Daft Punk! At the beginning it helped me to reach some supports by guys like Kryder, or Hardwell… They didn't knew me, but they knew the tracks I remixed!

V2. On April the 21st you've begun a new chapter in your career by releasing your magnificent “Stellar” on Size Records. How long were you working on this track before you realize that you've completed your idea?

RavenKis: I think the main idea was done in 2 or 3 days, but the full development, to transform the idea in a full track, took me about 6 months (working in other tracks in the same time).

V3. You've also signed tracks to some of the biggest labels in the music business, as “Stellar” on Steve Angello's imprint, followed by “Teardrops” and “Astronomia” on Spinnin' Records and your remix on 's track Paradigm on Axtone Records. Sounds like more than a dream becoming true to whomever listens to it. What's the secret behind your success?

RavenKis: I would not call it a “success”. If one day I run my own Tour and play at the biggest venues in the world, this would be a “success”! An important thing for me was to never make compromises: I'd never release a ‘so so' track, quality over quantity… If the big labels don't accept a track, there's a good reason. If I'm sure they are wrong, I release it by myself as free download!

V4. Some of your upcoming working titles are Meteora, Explorer and Gravity. Could you share with us more information about these forthcoming productions? Which one should we expect as your next release and on which label?

RavenKis: I cannot say anything about that because nothing is sure yet! But I can say that one of my best track has not been teased yet and is already finished .

V5. RavenKis, you come from France, a country which has given musical myths, such as Daft Punk, David Guetta and just to maMe a few. Were they your inspiration during your first steps in the music industry?

RavenKis: Definitively. I wanted to become a DJ when I listened to ‘Love Don't Let Me Go' by David Guetta on radio. I already discovered dance music trough my father's trance vinyls, David Guetta gave me the Djing passion. Then, I discovered the Daft Punk, and… I started production!

V7. You are now part of a new generation of French artists, such as Arias, Arno Cost, and Madeon, who have brought your country's electronic musical industry in the forefront. How does this make toy feel? Any other upcoming talents we should keep an eye on according to your opinion?

RavenKis: I feel proud, and I hope to never disappoint! I'd say that two young Frenchies are also currently working hard to bring their projects. Keep an eye on Wykid and Drymer, they are really talented guys! My good friend Thomas Feelman is also pushing the French prog scene, just signing on S-ZE!

V8. What should we expect next from your distinctive progressive house sound in the future? Which other labels would you be also interested in signing your music? Any upcoming collabs we should know about?

RavenKis: I think in the coming month, I'll try to explore some new horizons, keeping my guitare and melodic vibe, but over some more rough beats! I also produced a couple of more housy tracks… I want to try to put my own touch on different styles now. To be honest, I'd love to get a release one day on Mau5trap!

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