Manse – Exclusive Interview With The Swedish Top-Tier Producer

After initially garnering industry recognition for his remixes, aka Michael Hansen has risen through the newest generation of young artists, becoming a label favourite for Revealed Recordings and Armada Music. Over the last few years the top-tier producer from Sweden has developed his own original sound and has already a number of hits under his belt, including ‘Freeze Time' and ‘No Matter Where We Are'. Having played in all of the premier worldwide, while he's getting ready for Summerburst and Ultra Europe, Viralbpm caught up with Manse to discuss new music, his biggest moments in the EDM industry and what the rest of 2017 has in store.

V1: Since you were spotted by Hardwell, you've signed tracks on some the biggest labels like Revealed Recordings and Armada, while you've been touring around the world, playing at some famous festivals. How do you feel about the massive success you've had so far? Did you realize how quick your career would take off? 

Manse: The incredible success so far is overwhelming for me, I am very grateful for everything Hardwell and his team have done with my career, and we are just in the beginning of this majestic journey with some interesting years ahead! I went into the music industry with an open mind that I might not be able to do it fulltime, thus why I feel extra humble over being able to make music and tour fulltime!

V2: You had the honor to be the first artist to kick off the new Revealed Recordings Sunshine Club residency in Guangzhou, Beijing. What's your impressions of this tour and which track made the crowd go crazy from your DJ set?

Manse: I felt very honored to be the first artist to kick off the new Revealed Recordings Sunshine Club residency in Guangzhou. It was an amazing start with great planning from both sides, it was up to me to bring the last bit of the puzzle, and from what I heard they were really satisfied with the energy which always makes me happy to hear 🙂 The track that created an epic moment was a special mashup I have of my track ‘Freeze Time' with Alice Berg. It's mixed with the instrumental breakdown parts from ‘Dont You Worry Child' by SHM and OneRepublic – If I Loose Myself Acapella, which then enters to Freeze TIme in the buildup and drops…. it really went off!

V3: One of your latest tracks “Last Night Of Our Lives”, released on Armada Trice, has surpassed 3 million plays on Spotify. Congratulations! Can you tell us more about this track? How did that track come about?

Manse: Thank you! It's incredible with the success of my Armada Trice releases. Both “All Around” and “Last Night Of Our Lives” plus my remix for Armin van Buuren passed 3 millions each. It's amazing. “Last Night Of Our Lives” was created 2 years ago when I was in a ski resort during low season (summertime). I was there by myself making music. At that time, I had a demo vocal from Kye Sones who wrote the acapella. I started making melodies and then it was a finished track all of a sudden. We invited Niclas Lundin to sing on the track since we felt that his crispy voice would be a perfect match, and it sure was 🙂

V4: You've been working with many talented vocalists, such as Niclas Lundin (Last Night Of Our Lives), Jantine (Time Of Our Lives) and Emily Harder (All Around) just to name a few. How do you choose the artists with whom you collaborate? 

Manse: We can't forget Chris Jones (Rising Sun) and Alice Berg (Freeze Time) hehe, its been amazing so far to be working with so many talented singers and songwriters. Usually it actually happens by either coincidence or choice. Sometimes we are searching for an artist that has a unique voice. Usually we get an acapella demo from someone which triggers me to make something emotional.

V5: Manse, what should we expect from you in 2017? Give us a few details about what's coming next for you, where can we catch you live and what releases are you planning at the moment? Any upcoming collaborations or track names we could reveal?

Manse: So I got back from 2 weeks of intense shows in China. Now I'm in the studio for the whole of April finishing off my upcoming music! I also recently released two singles on Armada called ‘Time Of Our Lives' and ‘A Little Bit Closer'. This second track is even more of a different style than what I usually do. I came up with something really cool with this one which is a collaboration with Italian , released on 1st May.

After that we have even more music coming on Revealed Recordings and Armada. Plus finishing off some free download EPs which will contain more Progressive House rather than radio releases. After completing my Vietnam tour this month, which is amazing, I will play alongside Steve Angello, & MarLo etc. Then I have my first debut festival show in my hometown Sweden coming up which is a huge milestone for me. Stay tuned for more announcement regarding live shows.

V6: What has been your best experience since 2012, when you started your career as a DJ/Producer? Watching Armin van Buuren play your remix of ‘Freefall' at some of the biggest festivals and mainstages in the world among those? 

Manse: There have been so many amazing moments; such as releases that have been played on major radio channels such as BBC1 Radio, tours around the world, especially in Asia with the Revealed Recordings crew. A huge part of this experience has been with Revealed Recordings team which are an amazing family to be a part of. Moments like when Armin van Buuren's playing my music on the biggest stages and uses his money on fireworks and pyro is just mindblowing, I feel very thankful!

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