Crusy – Exclusive Interview With The Spanish Talent

Crusy is slowly becoming one of Spain’s most successful young electronic producers and biggest exports. The Bilbao-based music talent has managed to rise in just a few years’ time by releasing tracks on various major labels, such as Protocol, Sosumi, Mirage, Eclypse, and Arcadia. His latest and greatest single to date, titled “Sa Forada” on Sebjak’s imprint Bibliothéque Records, has gained support by the likes of Nicky Romero, Kryder, D.O.D, CYA, Corey James, WILL K, just to name a few. Viralbpm sat down with the Spanish producer and Jose De Mara’s closest partner in crime and talked about his next steps and future releases.

V1. Is there an interesting story behind the name “Crusy”? How did you come up with this name?

Crusy: Of course there is! Haha! It actually comes from ‘The Simpsons’, from Krusty. It is something that symbolizes my childhood, something that I don´t want to loose, no matter how many time passes, u know?

V2. In one of your previous Facebook posts, you thanked the fans for the warm support for you great remix with Jose De Mara. How important is it for you to read the feedback from fans?

Crusy: The fans´support is very very very important for me. I am in a very close relationship with almost all my fan, and to read whether good or bad comments and feedbacks when I do something new is a good way to know what to do in the future. In particular, we didn´t expect that good support with our remix for ´Breathe Again´. It was something that we really wanted to do, cause the team from Mirage Records are good friends of us, and we have always been talking about working together. Almost everyone loved the track when it got released, so we are really happy!

V3. You are obviously taking feedback for your tracks from fellow producers. How does this differ compared with fan-based feedback?

Crusy: It is almost the same, cause every Dj is a fan of another one, and so on, you know? I have friends in the scene like Jenia, Luca Perra, Regilio…that started to ask me through Instagram as soon as I showed the first seconds of the track, and that made me happy, cause it is a sign of a possible good track .

4. “Sa Forada” is  released on Bibliotheque Records, Sebjak’s intriguing imprint. Could you tell us a few things about this promising track?

Crusy: It is amazing for me to be able to release a track on Bibliotheque Records. Sebjak has been always one of my references of inspiration, and him itself and the team from Bibliotheque have been in contact almost everyday with me since we talked about releasing the track; they are really professional!

“Sa Forada” is actually a very very special track for me. The initial idea came up in Mallorca, in October. I had been listening lately to some underground music from artists like Adriatique, Stephan Bodzin and I felt that I wanted to do something like that. So I was there with my girlfriend, and we went to a place she loves called ‘Sa Foradada’, which is actually one of my favourite places right now, and the lead melody started to come to my head. When I was at home I started the first idea, and that´s how it all started! haha

V5. Any plans regarding feature releases or collaborations with other artists you could already reveal to us or maybe just… tease them a little bit?

Crusy: I have now two upcoming original tracks in collaboration with my buddy , which is always fun to work with. One of them could be something Progressive, and the other is a bit like a surprise, something housey 😉 Furthermore, a remix coming with my Italian buddy Usai, we will be able to talk a bit more of it soon 😉

V6. You will return together with to A Summer Story festival in Madrid. What do you love about playing in big festivals like these? Any things you don’t like during a period of touring?

Crusy: Yes!!! A Sumer Story is definitely our favourite festival by now in Spain. They have always been supporting us, and we are greateful for that. We work a lot before that set because it is like a showcase for us, a place to test al the upcoming stuff for the summer. What I love most is the atmosphere, and meeting the fans that have come to see you. In small clubs for example, less people travel from other cities to see a not so big artist, but in festivals, people from all around Spain come and is fun to meet them 🙂 For touring I really like to stay in shape and practice sport whether I can, training and going to the gym makes me feel happy, and helps to combat stress, it is a must in my opinion!

V7. Any advices you would like to give to producers who are making their first steps in the music business?

Crusy: My advice for new artists is to keep working, to be themselves and to believe that their moment will arrive. The musical business is something that for me was not a business at all, and I think that is the way to think. Make what makes you happy, and forget about the rest. If you do that, big things will come.

V8. How do you see yourself in 5 from now?

Crusy: I hope doing a collaboration with Steve Angello…hahahaha was a joke! That would be a dream, but, for me, the most important thing in life is to be able to keep living from the music. Don´t need to be a millionaire, if I can be playing and producing like now, and still live from it, that would be awesome!

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