Thomas Newson

Thomas Newson – Exclusive Interview With The Dutch Prodigy

Despite his young age, Thomas Newson is one of electronic dance music’s most prominent and rising stars. Offspring of the infamous veteran DJ Marco V, the talented Dutch DJ and producer has already many releases on notable record labels, such as Armada Music, Musical Freedom, Revealed Recordings, Spinnin’ and Smash the House just to name a few. With lots of this productions having million streams in YouTube (“Flute” w/ New World Sound surpassed 78m views) and Spotify (“8fifty” w/ Hardwell reached 1.8m plays), Thomas Newson continues his successsful musical journey in 2017 by releasing one hit after another (“Be With You” feat. ). Viralbpm sat down with the young prodigy and talked about his career, influences, and upcoming tracks.

V1: Let’s start with one of your latest releases, “Saxo”, released on . You worked together with Will K, who also has a great year, so we wonder how you decided to collaborate with Will on that track?

Thomas Newson: Well when I started making the track I found this little vocal loop and immediately had an idea with it. I sent that as a preview to Will K just for some feedback and at the same time he was working on ‘Cafe leche’ which had similar influences and he said let’s do this one together I have some cool ideas with it. So that’s basically how the collab was born and the track!

V2: Listening to “Saxo” now and compare it maybe with “Flute”, how would you say has your sound evolved over the past 4 years?

Thomas Newson: Pff I don’t know I’m making music and never think about evolving my sound, I just make what I like and maybe next week I come up with another flute following up for example!

V3: Being born and raised in Netherlands, are there any artists who influenced you during your early years?

Thomas Newson: Of course, my dad with no doubt! He’s been in the scene for more than 30 years now and he knows everything! Besides my dad also Hardwell, when he made those tracks like ‘Voyage’. I really wanted to make something like that as well and start making music

V4: Thomas Newson are there any special moments during your career? Any ups or downs you remember over the last years?

Thomas Newson: Yeah last year, I had a writer’s block for more than 6 months and that was horrible. I really had no idea which direction I wanted to go with my music. Everyone was focusing on and still is. However, the fans want EDM and the promoters want something cool and unique and more commercial stuff. But now I’m gonna do a mix between both!

V5: You have worked as a producer for labels like Revealed, Armada and Spinnin’, you have collaborated with huge names from the EDM music scene and you have also performed at some of the world’s biggest festivals. The first big record deal, the first time you hit the studio with an artist you admired or the first time you entered a huge stage like TomorrowWorld, are these all special feelings on their own way or does a moment of these stand out when you think about them all?

Thomas Newson: It has been a crazy ride for me and so many good memories. I think the bus tour with Hardwell was something outstanding for me. Not career wise but the fun we had together and the experience being on a bus is so sick!

V6: You’ve started pretty strong in 2017. What should we expect from you in the next months?

Thomas Newson: Actually I’ve just released a track called ‘Be With You’ which has released on Armada / SONO. The follow up is also ready and coming! 

V7: Any hobbies or activities aside from creating music? Do you support any soccer team from your home country?

Thomas Newson: I’m a big fan of PSV because I live close to Eindhoven. We grew up to support PSV with soccer haha! I also really like to ski. I went to Val Thorens earlier this year to have a little ski vacation.

V8: Is there enough time to enjoy family, friends and hobbies with this heavy schedule that involves a lot of touring and performing?

Thomas Newson: I’m always trying to spend as much as I can with friends! Most of the time I bring one of them with me on tour. I like to show them what I do and let them experience the ‘dj lifestyle’ haha. And when I’m free we like to do the normal student stuff like going out on Friday, playing FIFA etc.

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