Divolly & Markward

Divolly & Markward, Party Killers & Drop Department – Take Me Now via BMD Ψ Friends [Free Download]

The latest to land on BMD Ψ FRIENDS comes courtesy of three duos; Serbia's Divolly & Markward, Italy's Party Killers and Bosnia's Drop Department, who have joined forces for their collaboration ‘Take Me Now'.

As premiered by Nicky Romero and played by and ', ‘Take Me Now' is a feel-good yet catchy piece of progressive house reminiscent of the 2011/2012 era.

Featuring driving drums and also a melodic break built upon dramatic build-ups, the vocal lead unleashes until it gets ready for a climactic drop which truly “takes you” on a musical journey on the age of good vibes and grooviness.

A few months ago BMD Ψ FRIENDS had also revealed “Malah” by Drop Department (w/ David Fesser and Alixun). Moreover, the Bosnian duo had collaborated with Divolly & Markward, producing “Batucada” for Marcus Schössow's label Code Red.

Moreover, Party Killers duo along with French created the powerful groovy stuff “Atlas”, which is a track worth listening to Swanky Tunes label imprint, Showland Records/.

BMDWF012 release is out now for free. Download ‘Take Me Now' via The Artist Union: theartistunion.com/tracks/98f548


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