CAIN – Exclusive Interview & Track Premiere Of The Aussie’s Release “Algorhythm” On Frisson Records

It’s a real treat to discover artists that haven’t blown up yet, but have the talent to do so. Aussie CAIN belongs among those rising producers, who could emerge as one of the next big acts in the electronic music scene. The Queensland-based passionate newcomer, also known as Cain Pridmore, pairs pristine progressive house elements with some driven techno layers for an added bit of edge in his tracks. Such a production is “Algorhythm” on the newly-established label Frisson Records, which has a strange brew of dancefloor decadence with progressive dark vibes. Viralbpm caught up with him for an interview and premieres his new track “Algorhythm”, available in stores tomorrow.

V1: When did you start producing and how did Cain occur as your alias?

CAIN: I started producing almost 3 years ago now, under my birth name Cain Pridmore. Since then (with the help of Tom Staar) I have decided that ‘CAIN’ was a smarter name for marketing myself as a producer.

V2: Your latest productions are ‘Vora’ with UK’s Last 3 Digits on Hoist Records and ‘Diarabi’ with on Groove Cartel. What’s the feedback so far and how are they going on your sets?

CAIN: My latest releases have been going really well as both of the tracks have gathered amazing support and feedback! It’s always a huge buzz playing your own tracks in live sets, the very first time I played out ‘Diarabi’ was during last years ADE with my mates and idols Tom Staar and Kryder on the dancefloor. To this day nothing has beaten that feeling!

V3: Your new track, which is premiered today via Viralbpm, is titled ‘Algorhythm’. What were your influences, considering you’ve moved on a bit darker and deeper than your previous productions?

CAIN: Yeah, Algorhythm is the product of me pushing my boundaries as a producer. I really love this dark, analog, techno vibe that and Dirty South have been bringing lately. So I sat down in the studio to create my own version of a warm, dark progressive track. I had so much fun making this style that I haven’t really looked back!

V4: Tell us something more about the newly-established label Frisson Records, where you’re releasing “Algorhythm”. What inspired you to be a part of it?

CAIN: is a collaborative project-label between two music lovers, Ctirad Kolaja & Mark Pridmore, who wanted to bring something new to their corner of the dance music industry. I have also had my input with this latest track and some help with artwork and assisting with some A&R work!

V5: What festival would you be the most excited to play and which one would you characterize as the “collaboration of your dreams”?

CAIN: Well it’s always a tough question. Everyone has the desire to play Tomorrowland (especially that Axtone stage). However, I think ADE will always win out for me. The incredible vibe you get when every dance music lover / professional descends on that amazingly beautiful city is hard to match and I fancy nightclubs over festival so it feels like such a perfect fit for me.

V6: Any new tracks / collabs coming out later we should know about?

CAIN: Yeah there is lots of music to look forward to in the coming months from me. I have a massive collaboration with a great friend of mine ‘Daniel Etienne’ coming soon on Eclypse Records! Also, me and the guys from ‘AvA’ have been working on a new tune that already has some big names excited! So we can’t wait to finish it up and release it to the world. And as always I’m working on more and more original music! So you can definitely expect more of this warm analog style from me coming throughout the year!

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