Nari & Milani

Nari & Milani Feat. TAVA – I Am Alright [DOORN]

Nari & Milani have started 2017 by releasing Twilight on Doorn Records with some strong progressive sounds, following their previous track Epsilon on the same label. Now the Italian mega duo returns on Sander Van Doorn‘s label with “I Am Alright” featuring for a second time TAVA.

As Maurizio Nari and Ronnie told Viralbpm in a recent interview, they've made several sounds more underground, progressive house.

It's a good time to be making game changing music, and we believe that testing is always the right way. The music market is moving fast, you only need to follow the inspiration and create something new“.

Nari & Milani recently created their own label Woof Records, which has as a mission to spread good music, discover and promote new talents, helping them to never stop chasing their own dreams.

Woof Records is a new trend, a movement which every release its free to express. Woof is looking for creativity. Woof is angry for quality. Woof is angry of Changes.

Listen to Nari & Milani‘s new track “I Am Alright“, featuring the captivating chords and ‘s style, which are ear pleasing from the start below:

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