Nari & Milani- Exclusive Interview With The Italian Duo

For Nari & Milani it’s all about the love of music, as at the end of the day, making music is an art. They believe that music must speak to everyone, but it’s not always easy to achieve such a thing. However, Maurizio Nari and Ronnie Milani have managed to take the underground scene by storm with their original club monster ‘Atom’ on Size Records, released back in 2012. Some would even say it was the most influential record of the past few years, shaping a movement of releases to follow. With two upcoming tracks on Spinnin’ and one release on their own label Woof Rec. every month, the Italian duo had a friendly conversation with Viralbpm, talking about uprising talents and the importance of humility and hard work in the music industry. 

V1: You guys have been musical associates for more than 19 years. Which one is the moment you recall the most? Tell us something we don’t know about the origins of Nari & Milani.

: Maybe our lives would be different if we were not DJ’s: I (Maurizio) would perhaps become a lawyer, Ronnie would have worked in radio. But one day we met in a radio and music it has become our life. At the beginning it was not easy, you can see our history in our documentary “Just Us” on Vimeo.

V2: Throughout your career, you have released some of the most sought-after anthems, among which Atom, Kendo, Vago, The Drums and many more. Which one is your favorite so far and why?

: Atom for us is and always will be the track that made us realize that music is the answer, that music is our life. Atom has changed our lives: we will never stop thanking God for this.

V3: You have started 2017 by releasing Twilight on  with some strong progressive sounds, following your previous track Epsilon on the same label. What can we expect from you guys for the rest of the year?

: We recently made several sounds more underground, progressive house. It’s a good time to be making game changing music, and we believe that testing is always the right way. The music market is moving fast, you only need to follow the inspiration and create something new. We also recently created our Label Woof, which has as a mission to spread good music, discover and promote new talents, helping them to never stop chasing their own dreams. Woof Records is a new trend, a movement which every release its free to express. We are looking for creativity. Woof is angry for quality. Woof is angry of Changes.

V4: Any Italian newcomers who you believe will make a difference in 2017? Could you name some?

: For sure Simon De Jano & will be featured in this 2017: they have so much talent and they are innovative, we love their musical touch. Hiisak: we make good tracks together. We came from old school house music with the percussion and groove. He loves the percussion as well, and there are also Streex that have a very cool sound.

V5: On what project are you currently working on? Any collabo-projects you are currently involved with these days?

: We have 2 upcoming tracks on Spinnin, and then every month there will be a track on Woof Rec. We have the party Woof at Nikky Beach in Miami tomorrow, 21st of March, and a full summer!

V6: You are one of the most famous Italian exports of electronic dance music globally, along with “myths” like Benny Benassi and Promise Land. How does this make you feel?

: We’re proud to be a reference point for Italy and happy to help young people through our label. We work a lot every day and try to help young people in music; give advice, encourage them in bad times.

V7: Is it hard for you to keep your very impressive radio show “I’ll House U” updated and fresh every single week?

: Every track we come up with seems to infect DJs & fans alike. At the end of the day, making music is an art. It must speak to everyone, and it’s not always easy to do this. We use the social networks a lot. If we want to do collabs, we have to do it this way. We spend about 4 days working on I’LL HOUSE U & download about 250/300 tracks to play on our show every week.

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