Axwell ∧ Ingrosso

Axwell ∧ Ingrosso – Dawn [Virgin EMI]

One of the most awaited IDs of Axwell ∧ Ingosso is about to see the “Dawn” finally. After 2 the Swedish duo played it again at the same place, at Terminal 5, played with Coldplay – The Scientist acapella. (Updated)

Known as “Terminal 5 ID” (played for the first time in March 2015 during a show in NYC at Terminal 5), this production is surely one of the most accomplished and especially one of the most qualitative, since the formation of the Swedish duo.

The reason is simple: there is no question here that's a of track not meant for radios. Rumored as “Dawn“, this little jewel is a pure marvel of music and the perfect example of what is to be expected from artists like Axwell and .

Now Axwell Λ Ingrosso supporting with Salvatore Ganacci return to New York City show on March 17th, which will take place at Terminal 5 in midtown New York. (Let's hope to hear an updated version of “Dawn” at the upcoming event. Updated)

All purchased tickets will be automatically valid for entry at Terminal 5 for your original ticket date; or a full refund at point of purchase before Wednesday, March 15 at 5pm EST.

All tickets for Saturday are sold out with a very limited number of Friday tickets on sale tomorrow 10am EST via

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