Jenia x Styles

Jenia & Mr. Styles – Exclusive B2B Interview With The Cypriot Duo

Undeniable in their chemistry,  x Styles are two of the most promising producers right now. Not only in their home country Cyprus, but also in the electronic dance music scene in general. Renowned for their famous collaborations “IWI” (with That Matters) and “Time” on 's iconic and 's established Sosumi Records respectively, the duo's house-heavy sound is evolving into becoming distinctive and demanded, as they keep on infusing a high-degree of grooviness and hunting quality in their tracks. While getting prepared for their new season at the respected and internationally acclaimed Guaba Beach Bar, Jenia x Styles sat down with Viralbpm to discuss a few things about their first steps in the studio, influences and upcoming working titles.

V1: In 2016 you started a new in your careers, having released tracks IWI on SIZE and Class X & Time on Sosumi records. How did your collaboration begin in the first place and how does this make you feel after a successful year of chemistry between you?

Jenia x Styles: It's like trying a new delicious dish with a strange after taste. We started cause we knew be both had something different to bring to the table. Putting these things together would make that dish.

V2: How is it to be working for labels of masterminds like Steve Angello and Kryder? Tell about an interesting fact that many do not know or could not imagine.

Jenia x Styles: The level of professionalism of course is astounding. Although we were aware, the layers of people to work with and things to be done to come to the release date is quite a lot.

V3: Jenia x Styles, you are one of the most influential producers/DJ in your country, Cyprus. Can you tell us about the challenges you've overcome & how the music industry has changed for you?

Jenia x Styles: Obviously living in a country with so many and diverse music influences; with very few steady supporters of electronic dance music per capita doesn't help. But when you remain headstrong and true then these few people are more than enough to help you break through the surface and achieve the things you set out to, no matter what's happening around you & in the industry.

V4: Being Cypriot, has your home country and any specific experiences triggered the sound you produce?

Jenia x Styles: Big part of our influences are the djs who introduced electronic music to Cyprus. Partly in styles and genres but mostly in quality which is what we strive to keep in our material.

V5: The music industry is always in high demand and tracks are always released left and right. How do you incorporate the innovation and uniqueness into your tracks

Jenia x Styles: By doing what we want to do and trying not to worry too much about what's going on around. As Baz Luhrman said, ‘'Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behin''.

V6: Tell us something about this new ID track of yours that's been circling the internet (and have been haunting our ears since the first play): Have you ended up to a title or even the label and the month of its release?

Jenia x Styles: In time. Stay tuned.

V7: Any other upcoming releases that you would like to share with us?

Jenia x Styles: We have some pretty dope collabs coming along as well as original tracks we are most glad about.

V8: Where do you see yourselves in 2017 and what can the audience and your committed fans expect from you guys, both by performance and sound?

Jenia x Styles: In a club or a festival, performing and then having fun with all these people you just mentioned.

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