Flatdisk – Exclusive Interview With The Italian Electronic Duo

In just a few years’ time, achieved to form a dynamic electronic duo that echoes a special flair of sound production and a strong passion for Progressive House and Pop music. Having released prominent tracks on Universal, Revealed, Armada, Sosumi, Mixmash, Flamingo, Big & Dirty, No Face and various other labels, Leonardo Grillotti and Axel Ulivi aka Flatdisk, are finding themselves today at the forefront of the international dance music community. Known for their epic win of the best remix for 3lau, Paris &Simo and Bright Lights’ “Escape” out of 1.700 competitors back in 2013 on Beatport, the Milan based duo have sat down with Viralbpm to share their story, thoughts, inspirations and how they’ve managed to evolve into one of Italy’s famous exports.

V1: To begin with, how did your allias occur?

: Well our artist name “Flatdisk” refers to everything that is circular like a galaxy, a spaceship, a vinyl, a cd, a disk lol. Even life itself is circular.

V2: One of your biggest moments in your career so far, was definitely Revealed’s remix contest on Beatport back on 2013 for ‘Escape’, where you managed to be the overall winners. Did it help you evolve further into music business?

: Oh yeah we remember that lol. It certainly helped us a lot. It certainly made a very good impression and unlocked lots of doors.

V3: project begun in 2012. Almost five years later and you’ve released tracks on Universal, Armada, Revealed, Flamingo and No Face. What’s the secret of your success and what would you advice young producers, who are at their beginnings;

: First off all love for music and then never lose courage until you have finally broken the ice. Furthermore, we would say to always be unique and to evolve continuously to young producers.

V4: You come from Italy, a country which has given musical myths, such as Benny Benassi and Promise Land. Were they your inspiration through your first steps in the music industry?

: Absolutely they have been a great influence for us and they still are.

V5: Which producers do you believe will make a difference in 2017? Could you name some?

: There are a lot of new super dope producers out there to name just a few!

V6: Your latest track “Higher” was edited masterfully by Sam Feldt. How does this make you feel, concidering that your productions are remixed by such huge names of this music scene?

: Well it’s great working with Sam, and having him working on our material. This makes us more than happy!

V7: On what project are you currently working on? Any collabo-projects you are currently involved with these days?

: Yep, we’re working on a lot of new music and some collaborations. Can’t wait to show you guys what we’re doing!

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