Orjan Nilsen

Orjan Nilsen – Exclusive Interview With Norwegian Prodigy

Having released his second collaboration with trance pioneer Armin van Buuren in 2016, titled “Flashlight”, Norwegian prodigy Orjan Nilsen kicks off 2017 with an already fully booked schedule, while working on his third album set for release this year. After his latest team-up with called “Renegades”, obliterating boundaries and defying genres, the 34-year-old mastermind is determined to show the full extent of his production prowess. Viralbpm has the honor to interview this cornerstone of trance music in the global scene, talking not only about his third forthcoming album & his collab with Armin, but also sharing his views about his career's highlights and newcomers, described as the “Ones To Watch”.

V1: Let's start with your recent collabo track “Flashlight”. Hearing the final output of the track, we can only say that there is definitely a great chemistry between you and Armin. How do you feel about the new single?

Orjan Nilsen: First of all thanks for that, we were very pleased ourselves. I feel extremely happy about it, making a second collar's never easy, but as you said, both mine and Armin's style seems to blend nicely.

V2: You have been pretty close with Armin over the last years, so we were wondering how is it to work together with an artist of this caliber? How was the studio session with him regarding “Flashlight”?

Orjan Nilsen: Being asked in the first place is an honour, to be asked twice is just insane! Working together with an artist like Armin, you kinda fear it a bit to begin with. But that feeling goes away quite fast, cause Armin is actually very easy to work with. We basically just bounced back and forth ideas until we figured out how we wanted it to sound. Gotta love the internet!

V3: Four years have passed since your last collab with Armin and during this time, you've been releasing a lot of great tracks. Comparing that time with your current state, do you think that your style has changed over the years? Any areas in which you've become better or more mature in matter of production?

Orjan Nilsen: Again, thank you very much, nice to hear! My style has definitely changed and I think I've matured sound wise in every aspect of my producing. Time changes, so does music and taste. I think if producers and sound didn't change, we'd be living in a very boring world.

V4: Orjan Nilsen, you're characterized as a Norwegian prodigy, since your 1st steps. Now that you're an accomplished artist, which newcomers would you describe with the same characterization?

Orjan Nilsen: Making me blush over here, quite an accomplishment towards a northern Norwegian! I think David Gravell, , Exis, Drym and are definitely some names to look out for, even though most of those guys can hardly be described as new.

V5: Could you name your highlight of your career so far and maybe also your most disappointing moment?

Orjan Nilsen: So many, but releasing my first album back in 2011 was definitely one of them! As for disappointment, being stuck back home in 2015 for ultra cause of a snowstorm, that one still bugs me.

V6: Do you have any special source of inspiration?

Orjan Nilsen: Everything really, but especially my daughter and the nature surrounding my home place.

V7: We know that your schedule involves a lot of touring and studio sessions, but how do you spend your free time?

Orjan Nilsen: Mostly spending time with my lovely daughter, hanging with friends, playing PS4 and sleeping.. Gotta love sleeping, not much of that on tour.

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